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Not So Saintly (or Gluten-Free) Ham!

Food, food, food. The one thing I realize since being diagnosed with celiac disease, is how much time was not spent on food before. I must spend half of my recent waking hours thinking about what to eat. I have told myself that I am trying too hard and that all I need to do is convert my pantry to gluten free and stay with fresh, whole foods. Easy right? This has however, not been the case. It seems that at least once a week I am mistakingly adding some ingredient  that I cannot eat. Tonight, Mexican night. Refried Pinto beans are in order.

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Simple right? Well, I had the great idea that I should boil them with ham. I open the freezer, eureka, ham bone! Not thinking I throw it in the pot with the beans...then it dawned on me...when did we have ham?? Oh no, it was not gluten-free,  It was given to us as a gift from a ham store. I called the store and sure enough they put wheat in their spice (but the ham is gluten-free). WHY?? I wish more chain stores would get on board and stop adding allergens to their foods. I hope we can all enjoy eating out some day without worry or if not, at least be able to cook at home without poisoning ourselves.

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When I woke up from my Endoscopy and was told I definitely had celiac disease the first thing I asked my doctor was do I need to get all new kitchen stuff? He assured me that I did not, and as long as my pots and pans and everything else was washed after being used to cook gluten I would have no ...

They have all given you good advice. Like Ennis_Tx said this is not medical advice. Just some observations. Ennis_Tx mentioned already a good B-complex. But people who have Perncious Anemia low B-12 have "Pens and Needles' feeling in their extremities. Mine was much more ...

Thank you for your advices, Kareng and Ennis_TX. Hope you guys are still doing well with celiac. I will ask my doctor about the preparation for the Celiac screening and lymph node checking. By the way, do these test cost much? To Ennis_TX: Did you do any test or check for your lymph nodes, w...

IF your still getting cramps look into supplementing with Magnesium, either Natural Vitality Calm or Doctors best in the glycinate powder. Depending on other symptoms and the way your body works depends on which form is best. Calm is best if you have hard stools, do not go daily with a BM you sta...

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