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Farmer's Market Response to Gluten-Free Demonstration

I did my first two farmer's market demonstrations this week.  Here's what happened.  In Lake Oswego on Saturday, Sept. 6th, I woke early and carted all my stuff to the market, set up, and proceeded to make gluten-free waffles, with fresh peach sauce and coconut cream - gluten, dairy, and sugar free.  They were yummy.  I also made some chocolate chip waffles for the kids.  While I spoke a little about the gluten-free diet and it's importance for a growing number of folks, almost the entire crowd watching me was scarfing down freshly made donuts.  I was set up right next to the donut stand!  It wasn't a raging success, but I didn't mess things up too badly.

Then on Thursday, Sept. 11th, I had my second gig at the Multnomah Village Farmer's Market.  What a different vibe!  It's a much smaller, less crowded, more laid-back place, and I followed my teenage son's advice.  Don't talk, don't lecture, just start offering people free food, and when they come up to watch it being made, you can talk to them then.  So, I made Thai salad rolls with both peanut
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sauce, and one made with almond butter.  It was quick, easy, and people loved them.  Soon I had quite a crowd gathered round, asking questions, talking about how good it felt to eat something cool, crunchy, and flavorful on a hot evening, and all the people they knew who might benefit from a gluten-free diet.  I ended up signing up someone for my baking class next week, and inspired someone else to get tested for gluten-intolerance/celiac disease, and many people thanked me for being there.  I'll repeat the event Sunday in Hillsdale, and I'll have copies of my newest version of my guidebook, "Gluten-Free PORTLAND' available to buy.  They can also be bought on my website now, since I set up the PayPal button.

I am starting to feel for the first time that I'm making headway in my quest to be a full-time Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance Educator, and I truly love my work.  I'm also amazed at all the networking involved, and so thankful for all the people who have helped me make valuable connections. 

I'll post new developments as they occur, and on my website too, under "classes & events".

The Best in Health,


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Hello and welcome First, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Myself and many others here can empathise and I know how desperate you will be to simply feel well. You may need to delay that just a little bit longer however: Maybe? It's impossible to answer because the test is l...

I suspect that there is no "right" answer for you. If the lab work comes out negative, I don't think you can say with 100% certainty that it isn't a false negative. If it's positive, you can keep eating gluten and pursue endoscopy. But, if it's negative, I think there's still a chance that it's ...

With celiac you can't ingest gluten at all, ever, not even a smidge. It can take months to get better once you go completely gluten free. And it can take months to recover from accidental gluten ingestion. So you probably haven't started recovering yet. Going gluten free is not easy for many peop...

What type of test did you use?

Ever since being diagnosed almost 3 mo. ago I'm getting increased joint pain/tingling. And I've also starting getting (on some days) pains in my eye, sore throats, and pain areas on my neck to the touch. I will admit I've found out what I put in my mouth did contain gluten on 'some' occasions ...