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Feedback for: When Mistakes Happen, Focus on Comfort

Hello all you Celiacs,

I posted the article, "When Mistakes Happen, Focus on Comfort", with the best of intentions, but the feedback has been pretty controversial, taking me completely by surprise.  Obviously these recommendations are not going to help everyone.  Anyone who knows anything about Celiac Disease knows that the array of possible symptoms varies
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tremendously.  I am also unhappy that people seem to be trying to one-up each other on the misery scale, and that needs to stop, please.  We should all be trying to help and support each other, and part of that is to validate each person's suffering.  There are ways to decrease one's extreme sensitivity to things that offend our immune system.  Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) is one that I hope people with severe gluten intolerance will try to explore, as I personally have received tremendous benefit from this therapy.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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That this not the same thing at all! It?s a rinse in the laundry. Even if it didn?t rinse all the way out, you aren?t trailing flour around the house. There is no reason for people to over react and make life harder. Most of us don?t want to live like that! If this sort of thing w...

I do highly doubt it contains gluten, but this question goes along the lines of would you put vital wheat gluten in your laudery? What about flour all over you clothes, and wheat spray.......yeah no cause then you touch your clothes then your mouth, wipe your mouth with your sleeve, do you dish t...

i can't imagine why it wouldn't be. but its not really important for a Celiac as you don't eat it

Hi new to this group... and being gluten free. Does anyone know if Snuggle Exhilaration liquid fabric softener gluten free?

Tamari tastes pretty similar to how I remember soy sauce. I was so glad when I got my first bottle, I love chinese food and although restaurants and takeaways are a thing of the past it's one style of food I can actually cook pretty well. I won't be without Tamari now and usually travel with it i...