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Feedback for: When Mistakes Happen, Focus on Comfort

Hello all you Celiacs,

I posted the article, "When Mistakes Happen, Focus on Comfort", with the best of intentions, but the feedback has been pretty controversial, taking me completely by surprise.  Obviously these recommendations are not going to help everyone.  Anyone who knows anything about Celiac Disease knows that the array of possible symptoms varies
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tremendously.  I am also unhappy that people seem to be trying to one-up each other on the misery scale, and that needs to stop, please.  We should all be trying to help and support each other, and part of that is to validate each person's suffering.  There are ways to decrease one's extreme sensitivity to things that offend our immune system.  Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT) is one that I hope people with severe gluten intolerance will try to explore, as I personally have received tremendous benefit from this therapy.

As always, welcomes your comments (see below).

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It is " but that" and I missed the space....

First off your typo was misread as "ButtHat"....second I should have elaborated on what I was saying and where I was going with that thought. If the company makes both malted milk, as in milk with barley malt, and instant plain powdered milk in the same facility could it be called gluten free? Wh...

Butthat is not the product they are talking about. Malted milk is called " malted Milk". It isn't trying to disguise itself as regular powdered milk.

In some brands they use barley malt in it, malted milk is very common in powdered form and used in some recipes. I found powdered coconut milk recently and found it works good in some interesting ways in cooking. Very handy if you only need a few tbsp of the full fat stuff and not a whole can, y... They have seeds, fruit, etc all Nut, Peanut, and Gluten free. Look up Enjoy Life products also as they are free of all major allergens. >.< I have issues with peanuts myself but carbs/grains/sugars/corn are my other issues and I live on almonds and coconut. Unsure w...