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Hello -


I am shocked at the prices for Gluten-Free foods. It seems really unfair. I can understand organic food because it's a choice to buy it or not, but gluten-free food is not a choice. Any suggestions out there? I just paid over $4 for a box of pasta and $7 for a bag of pretzels. Give me a break. What a market.


Sorry to sound whinny.


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A 125 plan is a suggestion. Check with your job to see if they have it. Read my blog to find out about it.
Also, many of us look at the cup half full by being thankful that we don't have to be on medications or injections, that not only cost money, but are painful. So we see gluten free as a much more tolerable treatment.
btw, next time, start a topic on a thread on the forum, as a blog is an ongoing journal type deal, and people don't read them to answer questions. Good luck.

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Yeah, some of it is pricey. I have found a lot of gluten-free stuff at walmart, their great value brand, which has been helpful since we are limited at the stores near us. Another walmart about a half hour away even has gluten-free pasta. It's a little more, but when I make pasta, I only make what my gluten-free stepdaughter will eat and the rest of us have regular pasta, which saves us money. Mostly I have tried to make the stuff I normally make with minor changes on things that need to be gluten-free. We also try to avoid prepackaged box type meals. We have a large family so it costs too much to buy enough to feed us all, and for my stepdaughter we only buy a very small amount of stuff like that for her to fix for herself. There is plenty of other gluten-free stuff out there that I don't really want to spend the money on expensive box meals that only she will eat, and that we have to drive over an hour to buy. She can have that stuff at her mom's because they have whole foods and trader joe's right by them. When she is here, it will be a treat if she gets something like that. She might actually welcome the break from it!

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Thanks for the heads up on walmart...i would have never thought of them. I was just diagnosed and was shocked....to say the least on the price of gluten-free food.
I too have heard about the 125 plan mentioned earlier....but you will need to eat a lot of food I would imagine. And it seems most places rarely have sales on gluten-free foods like they do the regular stuff...so....i guess we are just forced to deal with it....sorta like gas prices....
Hang in there..

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Someone once told me people who must eat gluten-free due to celiac qualify for a tax break on food items due to medical necessity. I never investigated, but maybe you should look into it. It's worth a shot. I know other countries give individuals with celiac disease different forms of assistance with food costs. Good luck!!

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