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Gluten Free[dom] Day#1



So, I have been so hesitantabout going gluten free. I joined this forum a while ago, and have a plethora of diagnoses which include Diabetes II,Hashimotos,IBS,GERD,Dysphagia,Restless Leg Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, and the list goes on; I have tested positive for food sensitivity to Whole Milk, Egg, Wheat (non-glutenated), Soy, Yeast, Cocoa Bean, Mixed Nuts, & Shellfish.

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I had a colonoscopy over a week ago, and and my biopsies came back okay (which it's my understanding that doesn't mean much in ways of gluten intolerance.)


Up until recently, I have been feeling so sick - not only GI wise, but many symptoms from which I am told stem from the autoimmune disorder(s) I have been diagnosed with. I am also told they will "even-out" once I get my thyroid under control, and if they don't, then they have to explore the other conditions such as Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, or Dysautonomia - medical mumbo jumbo if you ask me ~ I don't care what I have, I do care how I feel though!


It goes without saying that feeling poorly physically, has certainly contributed to my feeling poorly emotionally, and I have been depressed. Now that I feel a bit better, I also feel a bit more about taking care of myself better (it could have to do with the fact that I have some energy back and I do not hurt so bad I'm confined to the couch.)


So this morning I woke up, and decided today I was going to go Gluten Free, to see if I feel any better. I have heard so many positive things, and if anything it can't hurt me ... So why am I being so stubborn? I have been fighting it for a while now, but literally woke up this morning and said "why not?," and... so far, I have been successfully gluten free (and it's almost 5pm) - okay, so maybe that's not all that much to be gung ho about, but it makes me proud nonetheless. Ask me again in a few days, and I may feel differently


I am also almost done with the book "Living Gluten Free For Dummies" by Danna Korn, and I have to say that it has been my personal cheerleader, and an excellent read on "gluten freedom," as Ms. Korn calls it (I highly suggest it!)


So, here's to DAY #1 of being gluten-free .....


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The positive health that you get from being Gluten free, if you have celiac, will be enough to keep you on the straight and narrow.

One of the things that many people do not know is that depression is linked to most issues in the stomach, as the serotonin imbalance is 90% in the stomach and only 10% in the head.

Do some study on safe and not safe things to eat: ie, there is wheat in soy sauce, (tamari is an alternative), check out all soups. and ask at the restaraunt for your salad to be tossed in a clean bowl, as an 85th of a crumb from the croutons they tossed in the last salad can affect you the same as eating a cake.

The greatest joy that I have found is that my joints no longer ache like they did, but it did take about 6 months, so hand in there.

I have found a great immune product that has helped me, I'll see if I can put it in my profile.

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