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Welcome to my blog. I will be using this space to bring together information I have gathered about my specific food intolerances so that maybe someone out there who identifies with any of them can make some connections to help them figure out what might be going on with them.A list of food intolerances and allergies I seem to have at this particular point in time (who knows, there may be more?) are as follows:gluten-intolerancenightshade-intolerance (potatoes, bell and spicy peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, tobacco, kava kava, petunia, pepper spray)alcohol-intoleranceaspergillus allergy (used to make citric acid and many other foods)shellfish allergyAdditionally, I am hypoglycemic and have trouble with many sugars/refined starches. I am currently being tested for autoimmune connective tissue disease - if it turns out I have one I may end up giving up dairy, too, something I am really reluctant to consider. I am currently about 3 days into a two week trial of no dairy to see if my current struggle with IBS improves any. So far I am not missing it too much, which is pretty surprising to me, actually, because I am a huge cheese fan. Anyway, I plan on posting entries dedicated to my information gathered on the above intolerances, especially aspergillus - that one is very far-reaching.Have a good one! :)


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