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Get Over Yourself, Rachael Ray!



All I can say about the Rachael Ray Cookbook, 365 and No Repeats! (written in a slang-laden, simplicity-encouraging, style that caters (pardon the pun) to User-Friendliness), is that RR has forgotten a few things now that she's ubiquitously uber famous:

We don't have sous chefs to chop, dice, and julienne everything, so it doesn't take only 35 minutes prep for us- that timing planner box is WAY off!

We don't have people to handwash 3 pots, a pan, and a Baking Dish for one meal

After we just chopped and julienned until our arms got shin splints, and soiled 3 pots and a pan (I said screw it! Forget the Baking Dish part), we don't want to break out the blender, too!

We can't afford fresh herbs, fresh ginger, fresh everything (and I DO have an herb garden! And I don't know if it has paid for itself in the time, effort, worry, water, and money I put into it!)

When you say recipe 241 is just like 240 but you swap the chicken for pork and take out the wine, the ginger, the this and the that and omit this action and add this action...we feel like you should've just written a fresh recipe out!

Chicken and rice---> not a complete meal. Scallion isn't counting as a full vegetable. Half the plate should be veggies, Foodista!

Oil, butter, EVOO, butter--RR, we sometimes use spray butter and Pam because we don't wanna clog arteries 365 days a year. I hope you have LifeALert!

Lastly, if it's good, we should WANT to repeat it! (And the Honey Chicken with spicy lemon rice was great! But, we were so tired from all the chopping, cooking, cleaning, that we decided to eat leftovers the next night-too tired to cook again!) And I only chose that recipe because the other one had the blender!


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