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Gluten-Free Cruise Ship Form Letter to Bring

Daniel Moran


Here is a from letter I made up so you can take this with you on the cruise.. You will want to fill in the menu before you get there and have blanks for other meals you did not plan.

The most important issues is the room number, table number and your time of dinner that you are eating at in the main dinning room...even when you do room service the times are very important so that the cooks or chefs see them.

Feel  free to change  if you wish.
Name: (as on the reservation)                Room # 555          Table #44444         Time eating: 7:00     Dinner meal

I am informing you that I have a special diet request of a gluten free diet.  This diet is very important that I do not receive anything that I do not ask for. I will explain how to prepare my meal in full detail and ask you not to vary from it in the slightest.  The smallest crumb of wheat, barley, rye or any other grain could make me very, very sick, and spoil my time on your wonderful cruise.  I know you hold my health in highest regard, as well as making our stay here as good as it can be.

Some examples of gluten can be found in bread, catsup, margarine, candy, desserts, salad preservatives and really too many more things to tell you.

My worst fear is cross-contamination which can happen with a chef cutting my meal on a dirty cutting board or just on the table, with a chef using tongs he has used on something else. So please be extra careful.
Please do not season my food unless I ask you to, and only use salt and pepper and no garnish on my plate unless it is fresh and not pickled or has sauce.
Thank you and if you have any questions feel free to call me in my room.

Here is what I would like to eat for the above meal time.
Entree: _________________________________________
Starch:  ____________________________________
Vegetable: ___________________________________
Dessert: ______________________________________

thank you and please ask me any questions.
Chef Daniel P.
******.Red print is what you must fill in every day or meal depending on what you are requesting..
*******lilac you will know when you book your cruise and ask so you can fill this in before you go..

Next time I will go over some of the type of cooking and the hazards of the food that you have to ask for.
Example as Broil, Sauté .

Keep the comments coming and we will chase the GLUTEN MONSTER  off cruise ships for good..

thank you

Chef Daniel P.



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Your articles look very helpful. I am going on a cruise this summer to Europe. It was booked before I was diagnosed! Have you had any experience with Holland America?

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Excellent, I'm never sure I'm asking all the right questions, so I end up just eating meat when I go out. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Thank you so much for your efforts. I have been celiac for about 3 years now and had just about given up eating out. This is very empowering!

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I went on a cruise last year. It was a disaster. We were seated at a table with 4 other couples who all ate the bread. I was sick the entire time. I would suggest that you make sure you are at a private table if you are really sensitive.

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