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Gluten-Free Beer Maker Glutenberg Recalls Non-alcoholic Beer Because it Contains Alcohol

Scott Adams


glutenbert.jpgThe Glutenberg Microbrewery announces that it is voluntarily recalling certain "Glutenberg non-alcoholic" brand beer beverages because of a higher alcohol content than indicated on the package. Only packaging with cans bearing lot code 24606298 and the expiry date of March 29, 2019 are affected by this recall.

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Tests on previous batches of "Glutenberg without alcohol" had confirmed that they all contained an alcohol level corresponding to that indicated on the packaging, ie 0.1%. The analyzes of lot 24606298, however, revealed that the latter contained an alcohol content of 3.4%.

"We do not compromise on the products we offer to consumers. We decided to proceed with this voluntary recall because it is important for us that consumers have the right time when they buy our products and can always trust that they are getting exactly the product they have chosen. Corrective measures have already been put in place to validate the alcohol content of this product even more accurately and to prevent this from happening again, "said David Cayer , Chief Executive Officer .

Most of this lot has already been recovered before being sold. All retailers were also contacted to have the product removed from the shelves.

Consumers who have purchased these products can take them back to their retailer for a refund or contact the company at info@glutenberg.ca.

About the Glutenberg Microbrewery

Glutenberg Microbrewery is a leader in the gluten-free beer segment. Winner of 5 World Beer Cup awards and 21 awards at the Canadian Brewing Awards, she is recognized as the world's best gluten-free microbrewery. Glutenberg Microbrewery's sales reach more than 2,000,000 L per year in 10 Canadian provinces, 26 US states and 8 countries.



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