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December 2018

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 No real sales or income past few weeks, I did get a few early gifts.
Dad got me a new bed set, OK this might not sound like much BUT I have been using the same blanket, sheets, etc for the past 10 years. ONE set. I just wash it every week and put it back on...the sheets were so worn you can see through them.
My car, we still have not gotten the title...it is supposedly in the mail....so I have been a month again unable to legally drive my car.
Food, I have recreated Cinnamon Toast Crunch...grain free high protein version ALMOST to perfection.
Been on a more blended diet and trying to find a good balance with enzymes.
I found a good way to season spinach to make it quite flavorful,
I am thinking of a few things also, starting a savory Challenge, no sweet flavored stuff for breakfast, IE no serve, lakanto, monk fruit, or stevia. Going to go 1-2 weeks with this....Starting AFTER national cookie day on the 4th >.>
I am also debating giving up dinner...I mean I eat a nut meal porridge for dinner as it is the least harsh and I vomit it the least. Fact is end of the day, my stomach is tired, my digestive system is done...and I will pretty much vomit some of ANYTHING I eat for dinner no matter what it is, and then it turns into a binge fest of trying to eat vomit, eat and try to keep something down. Just going with heavier bigger lunch and dinner then fasting from 11am til 5am the next day? Maybe have a single scoop of protein powder in a shake for dinner to prevent muscle loss. Should I start this now or in January?

Tooth, the dentist did this procedure a few weeks ago, he pulled the broken tooth up 4mm and sutured it in place. The sutures have come off and the latest xray show it is reattaching to the jaw in the new position. IN a few months they will fit and install a crown on it.

I will probably do a post in a few weeks about my Christmas and Thanksgiving meal plans for ideas for others trying some new stuff.

This new tooth issue has me trying to get my cocoa fix...I used to chew on cocoa nibs, I can not really chew or grind foods now with this tooth issue so trying to find a nice powder fix...Lakanto bars work and melt in my mouth but damn that pricing. And store cocoa powders are VERY lacking with the gluten free ones. Will break this down later.

AND FINALLY My Birthday is on the 16th, I can not do any trips like I used to, even cheap train ride to San Antonio is out of the question this year. I was looking at perhaps a cheap stay at a hotel with homemade cinnamon rolls and a walk at Six Flags? I mean I have a lifetime pass the the place...but I have to prepare food for a day, bring a cooler (they let me bring my own food in) and then the lines....the lines make me feel trapped and have panic attacks, I have to buy that dang $100 flash pass to skip the lines or it just ruins my day. Who knows probably just spend a miserable day my myself.....yeah if I do nothing I will have a mental breakdown....learned that last year depression really hits when you get no gifts, cards, etc and spend it alone.

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Nice to have new sheets!  

Hey, consider joining a group of any kind.  We do not celebrate birthdays anymore (adults), so I am not the person who can emphasize with you on that issue,  but socializing is important.  Consider a volunteer group that helps others.  

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I'm much older (45) so no one buys me gifts, but I honestly can't think of a better gift than bed sheets! Your dad rules! 

Your posts, makes me realize I need to do more online shopping to get proper ingredients. Your recipes are very inspiring, thanks for sharing them.

Wow I am really sorry to hear you are continuing to vomit, I hope you are getting enough rest. I am not a doctor, but giving up dinner for now could be a good idea for you if you are only getting ill at night or just having a dinner much earlier, lately I have been having dinner about 4pm or 5 latest.  

If you have all your nutrients coverered, you can try it out for a few days and see if it helps. Your insurance kicks in January right? I am rooting for you and hope you can get the proper care soon. 

I hope you find a solution for your bday that suits your needs. 

Take care!

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