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Recent life

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So few more life hacking, cooking, food, and health updates.
1. My diarrhea for the past 6 months stopped, no changes in diet or medications it just tapered off and is solid again, still a bit oily from pancreas issues but solid. I assume this means the antibodies finally went down? Probably jinxed it but 4 days now solid stools.
2. Fasting in the evening to address the vomiting, this resulted in me still vomiting around the same time without eating solids/food for lunch or dinner. Conclusion is that this stuff is from breakfast....12 hours earlier. Seems that what does not digest goes rancid, makes me nauseated and sick and I will inevitably vomit between 4-6pm. GG GI tract. But I am still digesting a good amount of it. Just throwing more stuff on top in the evening just makes it worse. Funny it forms a film and looks like a jelly fish and floats....
3. I made a safe to eat burger bun...while I can not eat meat still, sprinkling some bone broth powder in some avocado mayo on it was good, it goes will with eggs, mash avocados, and a blend of primal kitchen ketchup, mustard, and mayo with my vegan cheese a make weekly.
4. I got a instapot and have started making my own yogurt dairy free. NOW if is use my normal methods of that 80billion pill in almond or coconut milk, I get a really sour offish yogurt...TO make a good yogurt I got some do delicious tub of unsweetened, and dumped hte one tub in has a starter. this is thinner but gives a good flavor. I can then thicken it up with gelatin or agar agar.
5. I have almost perfecting my own cheese lines, >.> I cheat with oooflavors cheese flavorings but using a blend of almond butter, water, nutritional yeast, coconut flour and psyllum husk I can make a stretchy gooy perpetually melted state of vegan cheese....stuff is crazy fun.
6. Research in to cocoa...might do a post on this later. I have been doing market research on bulk distributors for cocoa. I have found the type of cocoa swiss miss uses for their chocolate mixes...that flavor....is mostly from the special bandelier cocoa powder from blommer cocoa. I also found the cocoa that is used to maker Oreo and those icecream cookie sandwiches...that rich cocoa they use... it is called Jet Black from the same company, now this one can be ordered online by normal people. The Bandelier...I got a sample and confirmed what it is but I need to order a 50lb bag of it -_-. I am honestly tempted to do it, and make my own cocoa mixes dairy free and sugar free and repackages and maybe sell.

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Thanks for the update in the blog. Glad to hear you are feeling better and more solid. I hope that continues for you. I was intrigued to hear about the new cheese and cocoa ideas you are developing as well. Happy Holidays!

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