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Jan 2019

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So the vomiting is still constant in the evenings sometimes at lunch 5-7 enzyme pills can prevent full purges and just few gulps of floating mass. I am still very frustrated with this, what floats comes up OK, so I soak my meals 8-24hours and have it preblended. BUT when it is heated up stuff FLOATS..like really? Then there is that random benezorr of solid mass at the bottom of my stomach that goes rancid and makes me light headed and sick til I cough up a large mass from several days of collecting.

I have followed poster boys idea and significantly cut back my nexium and sticking to ranidine. NO effect at all...thankfully I get health insurance this month....but at the cost of not being able to afford anything else....(RSDI $906 - $750 rent/bills - $138 Health insurance = $18...the frack do you live on this?!)

Diarrhea came back...but with it less of the vomiting...as when it cleared up the vomiting got worse only lasted a few days out of no where.

Fasting for 12 hours from 5pm til 5am has caused my body to stop focusing on digesting and more on rebuilding...I am bulking up with pure muscles...annoying part is I now do not feel the workouts....I have exceeded my equipment. NOTE exceeding the 12 hour fast or trying a bone broth fast...caused my digestive system to shut down with constipation. I Swear I must have a dead section in my gut....if stuff is not constantly shoved through it then it sets up and gets stuck there...the fast not only led to constipation but a drunk like feeling and nausea with fever....did this twice a week apart. 12 hours is my limit.

I have come up with a way to make a cheap monte cristo....instead of heavy batter and deep frying it like Cheddar's I am going to start with gluten free grain free bread, put a bit of deli turkey on it, some vegan dairy free cheddar and mozz, and dip the sandwich and soak in a egg and almond milk bath, then a light almond flour dusting before BAKING it. Will post on how this goes.

My bakery has remade our cakes...SOO rich and like a gluten cake our taste testers could NOT stop eating it....it is grain free and low carb, I pretty much did a straight up sub with our psyllium binder for tapioca starch...like only 1-2tbsp depending on version for the entire cake or batch. This holds it up, makes it soft and not so muffin like, and give a wonderful gluten cake texture.

Holidays were interesting, I put bows on all the stuff my family got me the past few months..and regifted myself lol. Actually made me feel like I got a bunch of gifts when I only got a few cheap things. I could only get a few things for family.....and this is amusing, I got some money from friends for Christmas...WHICH covered sending them THEIR gifts lol, so I got the gift of giving.

New years....I do not do late nights...I looked up a countdown map...I celebrated with Japan...my newyears was at 9am Central, so much easier for use morning people. Sparkling water for a drink though. There will be post on a meal idea for new years, perhaps others will have fun with it.

OH and this morning I found a new thing...onions make me puke, I made air fried onions. Ate a handful and was in the bathroom...GG stomach.  Moderation and seasonings they seem fine but this explains why I was hit and miss with homemade ranch seasonings and anything with strong onion flavor....I hope it gets better if this becomes more sensitive I would debate life.

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"I have followed poster boys idea and significantly cut back my nexium and sticking to ranidine. NO effect at all... "

The idea is to get off the Nexium competely . .. then you can stair step down (the Rantidine) probably 10mg at a time every two to three weeks maybe even a month bet between step downs (if needed).

You are right to get off Nexium ....I am helping another friend transition to rantidine now and they are at half their rantidine amount after 3 months.

Here is the lawsuit about Nexium from drugwatcher.



Report in the Journal Gastroenterology

"A University of Copenhagen study published in 2009 in the journal Gastroenterology found that Nexium and similar medications often create the very types of problems they were designed to treat. The problem can occur after just 2 months of taking Nexium or similar medications on a regular basis."

Expect the stair step down method to take at least 6 months to get completely off the rantidine.

You are doing the right thing long term for your health I believe. ... Nexium (PPIs) is a terrible drug but rantidine (H2 blockers) has/have a much better safety profile than PPIs if you must take one acid reducer. . ..

To quote F. Scott Fitzgerald "Never confuse a single defeat, with a final defeat".


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