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Gluten Free Business Woes



As many know I was working on starting a 100% gluten free Paleo based Food truck business.
I had business plans down, menu tested at markets down, truck lay out down, and approved 150k financing pending a 30K injection and me finding a sponsor.
WELL the health inspector contacted me today with new regulations and this

Commissary Requirement

A Commissary is defined as a permitted fixed food establishment that serves as an operating base for a mobile food vehicle. The commissary is where the MFPV will be stored, parked, serviced, cleaned, supplied, and maintained. When located in Ennis, the facility must be constructed and licensed in accordance with the Ennis City Health Code. Home based operations are not allowed. All mobile food preparation vehicles must report daily to a commissary where:

- The vehicle is properly cleaned and serviced.
- All food contact surfaces are washed, rinsed and sanitized.
- The liquid waste is properly disposed.
- The vehicle receives potable water necessary to operate.
- Food served from the mobile food vehicle is stored, handled or prepared.
- Single service articles are properly stored.
- The vehicle is stored overnight (minimum of 5 hours).

So now, even though the truck has a fully self contained kitchen plan will require me to build a commissary. The nearest ones for rent is over 40miles away...and with shared kitchens not gluten free.
And now I need another 200-300K to have it built -_- God I need to find a philanthropist, with my dreams so far out of reach and me having to be a leech for now with family to get by I am quite cornered with what to do.


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3 hours ago, GFinDC said:

Set up your food truck about a 1/4 mile outside city limits.  Maybe near a park or in a truck stop parking lot etc.

While concept is good, the county has less strict rules then city. The problem is I could not sustain a business this way, the amount I need to sale and work would require me selling in the city limits. My town has several industrial parks, apartment complexes, large manufacturing plants, and call centers that are idea for making sales and profits.

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"The nearest ones for rent is over 40miles away...and with shared kitchens not gluten free."

Oh no Ennis! I am at a loss for words. Other than I am thinking of you, and hoping something somehow happens to make your dream a reality.

It is not a consolation, but I read recently how many Chicago based food trucks are struggling or owners have to put them out of commission due to regulatory issues too. Not exactly what your facing, but your industry is a challenging one. Too soon to tell how this will go in Chicago.




Good luck Ennis

Until next time-AWOL

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I did my research, the next town just 10mins away is MUCH more lax and my current planned set up here in Ennis will work for a commissary. Also the town populace is more "health conscious" so more gluten free and paleo fad dieters. I can also as mentioned run right outside the city limits or in the two "towns" right outside our limits ON the main interstate that goes through town IE Garret which has our drive in theater, and Alma which has a good flea market and is good for truckers and nether of them even requires a city health permit just state licenses.
Now back to finding a sponsor, I should be able to get a new building and commissary in 2-4 years. Recent renovations in my hometown make my dads building he is trying to sell keep going up property value wise says he will get it for me when it sells and he retires for good to set me up. >.> I just have to support him and work it.

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