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Easter Roast



Just realized I messed up on the easter roast a bit.
My chef side was like, Rub the meat with 6 cloves of garlic and some sprigs of thyme and olive oil and let marinate for 24 hours, set to room temp then oven 275F 3 hours with celery, beef stock, and onions and finish 350F with the potatoes, and carrots 1 hour, let the meat set on plate strain the broth, simmer in saucepan to reduce and thicken with coconut flour or egg yolk and stir with rosemary sprig.

My family used to do it minus the herbs and garlic, like just do simple black pepper, onions, celery, and add in the veggies later. then thicken the juices with white flour to make a gravy all super simple.

Ramsey side be like, Rub the meat with 12 cloves of garlic and some sprigs of thyme and olive oil and let marinate for 24 hours, set to room temp then sear in a skillet on high and roast open in roasting pan with garlic and tyme at 375F for 45 min (med rare) or a hour for medium, then set the meat to a platter and place roasting pan over stove on low heat with 4 large onions cut thin, for 20-30mins stirring til caramelized, sift in 50g of coconut flour and 500ml red wine and bring to a boil til reduce by half then stir in 1.5liter hot beef stock and cook over medium heat til a thick gravy forms

Really annoying have inner chefs arguing over how to prepare a dish in my head. I sort of just take tips from all points of view and sometimes get mixed up.


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24 minutes ago, Awol cast iron stomach said:

Either way I'm hungry now!!!!

 In this house the spouse loves garlic. So the entire bulb would work😀.

I am going to steal that thicken the stock with coconut idea sometime in the future.


Makes for a bit of a gritty gravy, the egg yolk method works well. Coconut flour general rule is 1/3 the amount vs flour. It works GREAT for making taco meat roux, IE add in 1-2tbsp with some stock and seasonings after browning the meat, garlic, onions and this is how I recreated my mother's taco salad meat. 

The egg yolk method, take your drippings/stock and run through a wire mesh into a pot assuming you have 20-30oz as I did. Reduce til you have 16oz, then in a small bowl whisk 2-3 egg yolks, add 1tbsp at a time of the stock to the bowl with yolk stirring constantly until you get about 1 cup of the mix then pour back into the pot and simmer over low til it thickens. Made a good brown thin gravy. 


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