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Ugh! Contamination.



Let's see, it is 12:30 in the morning and I have to be up and bright eyed and bushy tailed for work tomorrow morning. Why am I up? Because I have stomach cramps that are making me feel like I am about to give birth. Since 7:00 last night. At this point I find myself praying for D...at least then it will get out of my system and the flipping cramps will stop.

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Went to dinner at a local Vietnamese resteraunt that is one of the few places I have been able to eat at since my dx. Ordered what I always do...shrimp and lemongrass beef over rice noodles (SO yummy!). The shrimp is coated in rice flour and then grilled. About half way through dinner my husband started telling the kids to hurry up and finish so we could leave. He tells me that he KNOWS I am going to get sick because I was looking a little foggy and being snippy. I thought he was crazy...until the cramps hit. Oh yeah, and the lovely distended belly bloat that caused one lovely elderly lady to ask me (as we were leaving) when I was due (talk about insult to injury).


On our way out, the hubby swung by the kitchen to ask what they cooked the shrimp in tonight. Chef tells him that they used white flour because they were out of rice flour, and he'll see us next week. Oh joy! Next time I'm sticking to the beef and rice noodles.


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