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San Antonio Celiac Support Group Potluck

Event details

The quarterly meeting of the San Antonio Celiac Support Group will provide our members and guests with the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal away from home with someone else's take on favorite potluck dishes -- all gluten free if we are careful about the ingredients we use.

When: Saturday, 7 August, at 12 noon

Where: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 211 Roleto Drive, Kitchen area (directions below)

Our chair, Anne Barfield, has this advice for you in preparing for the potluck:

"We ask each family to bring a dish. We need main dishes, salads, and desserts. The last potluck was short on main dishes, so I am hoping that more of you will concentrate on a hearty dish to share. Please remember to write out the recipe, or at least all the ingredients, so that others can check for possible food sensitivities. None of us would want to be responsible for someone becoming ill. I would like to stress the importance of avoiding cross-contamination and only using ingredients that you know are gluten free. We can't just go by the ingredients listed, either, as sometimes the company will say the product is not gluten free due to cross-contamination. Some companies say we can depend on the label's list of ingredients, as Kraft does. Please check with the company or refer to their gluten-free product list, if they have one. And remember that ingredients can change; so make sure you have the latest information."

If your potluck offering is original or has been adapted by you for celiac use (we can't use recipes as given in cookbooks) then provide me with a copy for the Recipes page of our newsletter. Be sure and include your name with the recipe and either send it to me by e-mail (txlynnr@swbell.net) or hand it to me at the meeting.

If you are recently diagnosed, meeting other celiacs in an informal situation such as our potluck will provide you with an opportunity to ask the questions you will inevitably have about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. You might even want to write down your questions in a note to yourself so that you don't forget any of them.

There is so much to learn! Thank goodness we have access to help as we explore labels and lists of ingredients. We feel that this learning experience is much easier if we have access to the information that is available. Shelley Case's book, Gluten-Free diet, A Comprehensive Resource Guide, is a great place to start. We have some copies of this book that Tish Rodriguez will have available at a reasonable price at our potluck. Just take a look inside; the book will sell itself.

Directions. Freeway exits are now open for NW Military from the West. Going east, you can exit at NW Military, go over 410 and then

proceed to the light at Lemonwood. There you can turn left and go that back way, or else get on the 410 access road and go around to Roleto.

If you are coming from the East, headed west, there is a Honeysuckle exit, which will require you to make a very quick right turn on Roleto.

(Or turn right on Honeysuckle and continue to turn right to get to Roleto.)

If you are not yet a member of Alamo Celiac, we invite you to visit our Web site, www.alamoceliac.org, and click on the Join button. Then click on the first button on the Join page to get an Alamo Celiac Membership Form in PDF format that you can print and mail in with your check. Or you can bring cash or your check made payable to Alamo Celiac for $20 and join at the meeting. If you would like more information about our group before joining, please contact Anne Barfield, 210-340-0648 or annebarfield@satx.rr.com.

The San Antonio Celiac Support Group is part of Alamo Celiac, Chapter #65 of CSA/USA, Inc. Other support groups in Alamo Celiac are the Austin Celiac Support Association and Gluten-Free Gatherings of Corpus Christi.

Lynn Rainwater


San Antonio Celiac Support Group

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