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Picnic in San Antonio, TX

Event details

We are having a picnic on Saturday, July 17, at Anne Barfield's home, 606 Jackson Keller Rd, San Antonio. The fun begins at 4 pm. All celiacs and their families within driving range are invited to come and have a good time. If it rains, our rain date is the next day, Sunday, 18 July, same time (4 pm).

Please do RSVP to Anne Barfield, 210-340-0648 or annebarfield@satx.rr.com , so we will know how many to expect and how many hamburger patties to prepare. Anne can also help if you need directions to her home.

If each family brings something to share, we should all be able to dine sumptuously. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Ice cream freezers and some gluten-free ice cream mix ready to go.

Side dishes like potato salad, green salad, beans, fruit salad, and vegetables

Platters of prepared lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions and pickles, cheese slices, avocado

Condiments such as mayo, mustard, catsup, pickle relish, and any other kind you like for your burgers or dogs.

Refreshing drinks, bottled water, lemonade, iced tea

Desserts like pies, cakes, or cookies

Remember, please call or e-mail Anne to let her know what you want to bring--and don't forget the usual list of ingredients to help those who have other sensitivities make their food choices.

Anne says "The big oak tree will shade the pool, so sun tan lotion is optional. There are some pool floats here, or bring your favorites. Don't forget your swimsuits and towels.

We have plenty of room to play any kind of ball you want to bring with you. We have a special Hobbit Hideout that kids enjoy exploring. There are several kinds of swings, and there are plenty of chairs and tables under the shade of trees and arbors. If it gets too hot, we will turn on the fans, or you can retreat to the air conditioning indoors.

We hope that some of you from other cities and towns will be able to join us this year. Help us make this annual event an affair to remember!


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