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ROCK party - San Diego, CA

Event details

Hi, all -- we're having a ROCK (Raising Our Celiac Kids) swim party in

Encinitas (northern San Diego County) on September 12. Here are the




Sunday* Sept. 12th

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

* originally scheduled Saturday, Sept. 18th


a.. Kids will make their own Gluten-Free "Pizza Lunchables"

b.. We'll share a few Sample letters to Schools/Teachers regarding kids

with Celiac Disease

Please bring a gluten free snack (10 servings) to add to the kids lunchable

(i.e. nuts, fruit, carrot slices, chips, jello cups, gluten-free cookies, etc...)

Pre-packaged your snacks to throw in a basket that can be chosen by the kids

to complete their lunchable Get creative ... who ever brings the most

creative gluten free lunch snack, will win a prize!

Danna has a BBQ, so bring hot dogs or burgers or anything and a dish to


Danna has a large quantity of hamburger buns from Ener-G that you can use

Remember to bring your swim suits, towels, and sunscreen.

LOCATION: Danna Korn's House - 3557 Fortuna Ranch Road, Encinitas

Phone # 858-395-5421


From I-5, take Encinitas Blvd. EAST. Turn left (north) on Rancho

Santa Fe Rd. Turn right (east) on Lone Jack. Go 1.5 miles. Turn right

on Fortuna Ranch Road. Go 3/4 mile. Turn right on a dirt road with no

name (at sign that says "Private Road" with numbers hanging on it) -- go

to the end -- we're at 3527, and it says "Korn" as you drive in.

If you need more information, please contact Susan Jarrold at 619-579-9590

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