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Milwaukee WI Celiac Meeting

Event details

The Milwaukee Celiac-Sprue Crew will meet--

Saturday, Sept 25, 2004

1:30 pm.


Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Michelle Melin-Rogovin, program director of the University of Chicago Celiac

Center, will be on hand to speak about "Taming Temptation." Since celiacs

require a gluten-free diet for life, this is an area we can all brush up on.

Thanks to the dietitians at Children's Celiac Clinic, we will be using the

Auditorium. It has seating for 150+ people. We hope you can join us!

While we have lots of seating, there is limited room for refreshments in the

area outside of the auditorium so plan to bring 'neat' foods like cookies,

bars, or similar snacks.

If you need directions or more information, contact Bev Lieven.


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