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San Antonio Celiac Support Group Meeting

Event details

The San Antonio Celiac Support Group invites you to a special meeting:

When: Friday, 8 October, at 7 pm

Where: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 211 Roleto Drive, Gym (directions below)

Our speaker for the evening will be Michelle Melin-Rogovin. Ms. Melin-Rogovin is the Program Director for the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program. Her presentation is titled "Taming Temptation: Practical

Strategies for Maintaining a 100% Gluten-Free Diet". It shows us that there are no easy answers, but that there are some surprising things that can be learned from others who are also required to follow a strict diet for medical reasons.

Please bring a gluten free snack to share. It is important that included with each snack is a listing of ingredients. Some of our members need to avoid more than just gluten. If the recipe is either original or has been changed at least 3 times, please bring the recipe, with your name on it. We can publish these recipes in the Recipes section of our monthly newsletter.

Directions. Freeway exits are now open for NW Military from the West. Going east, you can exit at NW Military, go over 410 and then proceed to the light at Lemonwood. There you can turn left and go that back way, or else get on the 410 access road and go around to Roleto.

If you are coming from the East, headed west, there is a Honeysuckle exit, which will require you to make a very quick right turn on Roleto. (Or turn right on Honeysuckle and continue to turn right to get to Roleto.)

If you are not yet a member of Alamo Celiac, we invite you to visit our Web site, www.alamoceliac.org, and click on the Join button. Then click on the first button on the Join page to get an Alamo Celiac Membership Form in PDF format that you can print and mail in with your check. Or you can bring cash or your check made payable to Alamo Celiac for $20 and join at the meeting. If you would like more information about our group before joining, please contact Anne Barfield, 210-340-0648 or annebarfield@satx.rr.com.

The San Antonio Celiac Support Group is part of Alamo Celiac, Chapter #65 of CSA/USA, Inc. Other support groups in Alamo Celiac are the Austin Celiac Support Association and Gluten-Free Gatherings of Corpus Christi.

Lynn Rainwater


San Antonio Celiac Support Group


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