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Richmond, VA West End Gluten Intolerance

Event details

The West End Gluten Intolerance Group will meet this Saturday, November 6 at

11:00 AM at Trinity United Methodist Church, located at 903 Forest Avenue in

Richmond, VA. Please join us in welcoming Michelle Melin-Rogovin, MPP,

Program Director for The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Program. Ms.

Melin-Rogovin received her Master's Degree in health policy and administration

from the University of Chicago in 1992. She feels that her mission is to serve

as a bridge between patients and doctors in helping to empower patients so

that they can actively participate in health care decision making. Her

presentation is titled: Taming Temptation: Practical Strategies for Maintaining a

Gluten-Free Diet. The program reinforces the need for regular follow-up

testing, which is offered infrequently by physicians.

Anyone interested in the gluten-free lifestyle is welcome to attend.

Gluten-free refreshments will be provided. Hope to see you there!

EVENT: The West End Gluten Intolerance Group meeting with speaker

DATE: Saturday, November 6 at @ 11:00 AM

LOCATION: Trinity United Methodist Church, 903 Forest Avenue; Richmond, VA

Anna Ashworth & Madelyn Smith


The West End Gluten Intolerance Group

Richmond, Virginia



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