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Palo Alto, CA - Stanford Support Group

Event details


Contact Kelly Rohlfs, 650-725-4771


The Stanford Support Group invites you to a luncheon event

in San Jose on Sunday, January 16, that will include a raffle

and bake sale. (See attached flyer.) Proceeds will support the

Celiac Sprue Management Clinic at Stanford Hospital that is

set to open in January 2005. The clinic will be staffed by

Dr. Gary Gray, Dr. Gail Pyle (Dr. Pyle is also a Celiac), and

a dietician. The purpose of the clinic is to provide long-term

medical and nutritional support for adult Celiacs, and will

include (1) close guidance for newly-diagnosed Celiacs to

help them return to health; (2) yearly follow-up examinations

of Celiacs who are doing well in order to assess disease

activity and screen for potential complications such as

nutritional deficiencies; (3) help to Celiacs who are having

problems managing the disease.

To schedule an appointment call 650-723-6961. Stanford

accepts several insurance plans, including many PPOs,

MediCal, and Medicare. Please call 650-724-1460 for any

insurance questions.

Thank you to the generous donors who are helping to

make this clinic possible:

Friends ($100+): Carol Fenster, Savory Palate; Rena Bailey;

Angela Haight; Sam & Anna Blank; Jerry & Gloria Norfleet;

Stanford Celiac Support Group

Donors ($50): Harold & Marilyn Hosfeldt; James Lanum;

John & Noella Magnuson; Alexandra Mayer

To date we have raised $1,160 of the $25,000 needed in

2005 to keep the clinic open. Together we can reach our

goal. With over 700 families on the Bay Area mailing list,

we know that our celiac community is growing. Please

consider making a tax deductible donation to fund the

clinic. Checks can be payable to the Celiac Sprue

Research Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 61193,

Palo Alto, CA 94306-1193, with a note that the donation

is for the clinic, or donations can be made via credit

card using PayPal at http://www.celiacsprue.org.

Note to Celiacs in search of coffee with gluten free treats:

Global Blends in Mountain View now has a better stock

of the frozen gluten free bread from "I Can Eat That"

bakery. They also carry frozen pizza crust, focaccia,

and cinnamon rolls, and serve sandwiches made from

the focaccia. Please call ahead to order the frozen breads,

to be sure they are available: 650-254-1110. They are also

baking wonderful fresh blueberry pineapple muffins each

morning. What a treat with their great coffee!

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