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Event details


March 28 - April 2, 2005

112 South Beech (SW corner of Beech and First Streets.)

Casper, Wyoming

6:00 am - 10:00 am


(Additional parking available in lot across from building).

a.. The Central Wyoming Celiac Association in conjunction with the Wyoming Health Fairs, are pleased to announce the upcoming dates for a FREE blood test for Celiac Disease. The blood test being offered is the Human Tissue Transglutaminase ~ Human tTG . *You do not need a doctor's order to take this test. *You do not need to fast for this test. *Those who are pregnant will not be able to take this test as the enzymes level in pregnant women do not correctly test negative or positive for celiac disease. *Any child over the age of 2 years old, with a parent/guardian consent may take this test. *If you are already following a gluten-free diet for over 6 months, this test will not accurately measure the enzymes. Only those who are not following the gluten-free diet will receive an accurate test result.

a.. At this point in time this will be the only time that this test will be available in 2005. We are genuinely grateful to the Binding Site, and Prometheus Labs for their sponsorship of this event. This test is available to anyone wishing to be tested for Celiac Disease, even if you live outside the Wyoming area. We only have 600 tests available. Once the 600 test kits have been used, no other kits will be available. If you wish to be tested, do not wait. This is a wonderful opportunity to have family members of all Celiac's tested. 1 in 133 persons in the United States has Celiac Disease. It may also be as common as 1 in 40 in persons who have symptoms.

a.. All results can be picked up at the Blue Envelope Health Fair on April 16, 2005 at the Casper Events Center. Those not picked up on that day will be mailed to the participant approximately 2 weeks later by the Wyoming Health Fairs. This test is a diagnostic tool to be used by you and your doctor to determine if you have Celiac Disease. It is not a diagnosis. Only your doctor can determine if you have Celiac Disease after reviewing your test results and other possible tests for this disease.

** Any questions about the Blue Envelope Health Fair please contact the health fairs office at 307-233-4455.

** If you have any questions about the celiac testing please contact: Debby at 307-266-4449 or email: wyceliacassoc@alluretech.net

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