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Vienna, Austria: European Society for Study of Coeliac Disease

Event details

ENSeswCsDle tter Sept 2018
The European Society for Study of Coeliac Disease
(ESsCD) was founded in 2015, it is a membership organization for professionals
for the promotion of coeliac disease research and clinical management in
Europe. We wish all new members welcome. We collaborate with ESPGHAN
and the patient’s organization AOECS, we seek industrial partners. A major goal
is to promote coeliac disease within the United European Gastroenterology
Federation. The board is elected every other year.
Common Interest Group meeting of ESsCD, Wien, on Sunday 21 October
13.30-16.30 (half hour later than announced). Room N2 (Level 1).
Refreshments are served. Registration for the main conference is not needed,
we can supply free badges for the CIG meeting until October 3rd. Those who
need a free badge MUST send a mail to “knut.lundin@medisin.uio.no”.


Focus on ongoing European studies 13.30-15.50
13.30 -13.50 Multicentre study for evaluating the duodenal biopsy elimination
in a subgroup of adults with suspected celiac disease, Carolina Ciacci, Salerno,
13.50-14.10 Clinical Phase 2 Trial ZED 1227: a direct acting inhibitor of tissue
transglutaminase to attenuate the immune response to gluten, Detlef
Schuppan, Mainz, Germany
14.10-14.30 Phase 2a multicentre prospective study of anti-Il 15 treatment in
patients with type 2 refractory celiac disease, Christophe Cellier, Paris, France
14.30-14.50 Immuno-histological analysis of coeliac and noncoeliac
microscopic enteropathies. Kamran Rostami, Luton, UK
14.50-15.10 Neocel Project. Renata Auricchio, Naples, Italy
15.10-15.30 Microbiome and coeliac disease prevention project (PROFICEL
study) Gemma Castillejo, Reus, Spain
15:30-15:50 Focus IN CD – Interreg Central Europe Celiac disease project, Jernej
Dolinšek, Maribor, Slovenia
15.50-16.30 Business meeting ESSCD (open to members and invitees). Topics:
• Report from the Board
• Contact with AOECS for organizational support
• Economy and strategy for funding
• Options for a European Celiac Disease Journal?


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