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Thursday, May 5, 2005

6:00 - 8:00 pm


Maine Health Learning Resource Center

Falmouth Family Health Care Center

5 Bucknam Road, Suite 1A

Falmouth, ME

For driving directions, go to:



You are asked to prepare and item or bring a store-bought product based upon

your last name:

A - E Bring a Side Dish

F - J Bring a Dessert

K - O Bring Bread or Rolls

P - S Bring a Main Dish

T - Z Bring an Appetizer, Salad or Fruit

Please photocopy or write up the recipe (with your name on it) for what you bring along so that we may include it in our next newsletter. Having the recipe available is also helpful for those individuals who are sensitive to other foods to know what ingredients were used to prepare the dish.

Note: If your recipe is copyrighted, please list the title of the book, author, and name of the recipe so that we may reference it in our newsletter. You may consider the recipe adapted if you have changed at least 3 ingredients from the original copyrighted recipe and it may be printed in its entirety in our newsletter.

FMI, contact Sue Gefvert at 207-602-3543.


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