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Lancaster, OH Meeting

Event details

Fairfield County Gluten Free Support Group Meeting

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

7:00 - 9:00 PM

Fairfield Medical Center

Assembly Room A (Second Floor)

401 N Ewing Street

Lancaster Ohio 43130

Welcome Back!

Topic: General discussion about Celiac Disease and upcoming meetings!

September marks the beginning of a new year for the Fairfield County Gluten Free Support Group.

Our regular, monthly, Fairfield County Gluten Free Group meeting is FREE and open to all who wish to attend! We welcome newcomers, family members (including children) and friends to join us.

Let's start the year off with new ideas for gluten-free meals & treats. Please try to bring a recipe for ANY favorite (gluten-free) meal or snack to share with the group. This doesn't have to be an item that the group gets to sample at the meeting, although that would be great! If it is a favorite of yours - we'll all appreciate having the recipe to try.

Sharing recipes, good sources for gluten-free food, and problems, helps to make life easier for anyone with Celiac Disease, Dermatitis

Herpetiformis, and others requiring a 'gluten-free' (gluten-free) diet to control their auto-immune disease.

Bring a list of any topics or ideas you would like to address. We also will be discussing ideas and topics for upcoming meetings.



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