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GF Sessions - DinnerTime Centreville, VA

Event details

Hello ROCK Northern Virginia/Metro DC, local SillyYaks, and other Gluten Free Dieters! I am excited to tell you that I have been working with the owner of DinnerTime in Centreville, VA to offer a gluten-free session at their location. And now you wonder, what is DinnerTime, where is DinnerTime, and what does DinnerTime do? Read on and you will be excited to hear about this! The very first gluten-free session will be offered on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005. Please feel free to forward along this exciting email to your gluten-free friends & neighbors.

Gluten Free food prep sessions for DinnerTime Centreville, VA will be offered on:

November 2nd, 2005 (the password to register for the gluten-free sessions on this date is "celi")

December 7th, 2005 (the password to register for the gluten-free sessions on this date is "glut")

January 4th, 2006 (the password to register for the gluten-free sessions on this date has not been determined at this time)

If you enjoy home cooked meals with your family, but are short on either the time or desire to prepare these meals on a daily basis, Dinner MyWay is for you.

How Does It Work?

At the Dinner MyWay kitchen you can prepare family style meals that serve six in a short amount of time. Dinner MyWay employees do all the prep work. All you do is assemble the meals the way your family would like them best. Plus, we are there if you have any questions and we even clean up the mess. When you're finished, you have entrees to take home that are perfect for your busy lifestyle. It couldn't be easier. At Dinner MyWay we currently offer meals in sets of 12 or 6. We also offer convenient Self Serve and Pickup sessions. For pricing see the menu page of the location nearest you.

Choose a Session: For your convenience, we have weekday and weekend sessions during the afternoon and evenings. Just pick the best day and time from the Reservations Page. Don't have time to attend a session? Register for the Pick Up Service and we'll assemble your meals for you.

Choose your meals: We provide a monthly menu with fourteen entrees of various flavors and styles. You choose any combination of six or twelve entrees. The entrées feed six and can be split for no charge.

Let's Get Cooking: When you come for your scheduled session all of the ingredients are prepped and ready. You spend 1 ½ to 2 hours assembling your entrees (less if you're doing six). You're then ready to take them home and enjoy great food and have more time.

When you get home, the meals you're not going to cook in the next 3 to 5 days should go in the freezer. For the freezer meals we've found people use them in one of two ways. Either get out 3 or 4 meals on Sunday to cook throughout the rest of the week, or pull meals out one at a time the night before you want to cook them. Either way, the peace of mind of knowing what's for dinner will make Dinner MyWay a joy for your family.

About the Menu

Each Dinner MyWay menu consists of 14 entrées. When you order you can choose any combination totaling 6 or 12 entrées. The menu changes each month and you can view the menus on their website at: http://www.dinnermyway.com/index.cfm. Please make sure to choose the Centreville location and make sure that you choose the correct month for viewing. (please note: the first gluten-free session will be offered on November 2nd, 2005) and will continue to be offered as the first session each month if there is enough demand to continue with this program. The gluten-free sessions for November 2nd will be 10:00am, 4:00pm, and 7:00pm. The 10:00 am is a newly opened slot, so take advantage of this mid-morning session if you cannot make the other sessions that day!!! There is also a 5pm pick up slot if you would like DinnerTime to prepare your entrees for you. (there is an extra charge for this option)



Each Dinner MyWay menu consists of 14 entrées. When you order you can choose 6 or 12 entrées. Each entree serves 6. For example, if you select 6 entrees you will have a total of 36 servings.

$105--6 entrees (Self-Assembly: You come in to assemble your entree selections)

$139--6 entrees (Pick-Up: We assemble your entree selections and all you need do is come pick it up at our store.)

$189--12 entrees (Self-Assembly)

$239--12 entrees (Pick-Up)

Your credit card will not be charged until you arrive for your session. Please bring your Visa or MasterCard with you. That gets us a lower rate on the credit card charges and helps us keep your prices down. Any discounts will be given upon check-in at the store.

The Gluten Free Sessions

· Our November 2nd sessions will feature gluten-free entrees. We will use gluten-free products for all entrees. This may require some substitutions, like corn tortillas instead of crepes. Etc. If you are interested in participating in the gluten-free sessions, please email centrevilleva@dinnertime.com to get the password.

· All of the sessions on November 2nd, will be gluten free—the 10 AM, 4 PM, the 7 PM, and the 5 PM pickup. Note there’s an additional charge for pickup.

· If the 4 PM and 7 PM sessions fill, and there’s demand for more sessions, we may open up sessions in the afternoon and morning.

· Since we basically change over our menu around the first of the month, we’ll have completely cleaned out our workstations, minimizing the chances of cross contamination with any ingredients containing gluten.

· In addition to creating an account on the website, you need to enter a password for the session. This is to help ensure the people who need the gluten free entrees can get in. The password for the November 2nd sessions is “celi”. The password for the December 7th session is "glut".

· We are modifying recipes to be gluten-free, so don’t worry about the entrée description. We know we can get gluten-free pizza crusts, and if we can’t get gluten-free crepes, we’ll substitute corn tortillas. We’ve already provided wheat-free tamari for one person, so to some extent we’ve done this before.

· For private parties, we normally offer every paying customer a free dessert that serves six. We won’t be doing that for the gluten-free sessions. First of all, it will cost us more to buy gluten-free ingredients. (So our vendors tell us.) Second of all, our usual desserts all contain wheat flour.

· As with all sessions, due to health department regulations, no children under the age of 10 are allowed at the session.

· Questions can be addressed to centrevilleva@dinner-time.com

The proposed menu for November:

· Asian Marinated Fish - Simple to make, but complex in taste. Low in calories, but packed with flavor. A truly Zen dish. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· Baked Salmon with Dill - A simple and light dish that combines the delicate aroma of dill with the tangy flavor of lemon. (Foil pan-can be split)

· Balsamic Chicken - A quick and savory dish that's packed full of flavor, so be ready to hear requests for seconds. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· Barbecue Shrimp - Talk about simple to cook. Not to mention full of flavor. This shrimp and buttery-pepper sauce will fill your tummy as well as satisfy your palate. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· BBQ Chicken Pizza - Tired of ordering-in the same old pizza, but the kids are still asking for it? Try this fun, mouth-watering pizza that'll have you reminiscing over summer. At least you won't have to break out the grill. (Foil Pizza pan-can't be split)

· Chicken and Pork Paella - A hearty Spanish rice dish that'll keep you warm and satisfied in the chill of fall. (Ziploc bag-can be split)

· Chicken Crepes - Fun for the kids, a touch of elegance for the adults. Packed within these delicated crepes is a savory chicken and mushroom filling that is sure to please. (Foil pan-can be split)

· Crockpot Beef N Brew vegetable soup - A warm and hearty dish perfect for those cool nights together. The flavors beef and beer marry extremely well and will leave you completely satisfied. (Ziplock bag-can't be split)

· Crockpot Beef Roast - You feel the chill of fall and the promise of winter around the corner. What better way to keep warm and happy than with a slow cooked, warm, and filling dish. (Ziplock bag-can't be split)

· Crockpot Pizza Pork Chops - Another slow cooked dish that'll have your mouth watering. The pizza flavor will peak your kids interest. A good way to please the kids taste for pizza without going out for junk food. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· Crockpot Swiss Steak - Simple, savory, and oh-so-delicious. You'll definitely want to have bread handy to sop up every last bit of the slow cooked tomato sauce after the last of the beef is gone. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· Crockpot Tangy Pork Chops - The title says it all and it's finger lickin' good, although we highly recommend using your cutlery instead. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· Honey-Molasses Chicken Wings - A zesty chicken wings and sauce platter perfect for the football season. You'll be lickin' your fingers as you cheer for the touchdowns. (Ziplock bag-can be split)

· Pork Roast with Sweet Potatoes - The leaves are turning red, but you'll know the true flavor of Fall when you smell the aroma and take your first bite of this amazing dish. This dish can be cooked in a crockpot or just as an oven roast if desired. (Foil pan or Ziplock bag-can't be split)

· Potato & Pesto Soup- In the mood for a thick and creamy soup that'll stave off Old Man Winter? Then this is the soup you want with the down-to-earth flavor of potatoes and the pleasant peppery bite of pesto and parmesan cheese. (Ziplock bag-can't be split)



14215F Centreville Square

Centreville, VA 20121


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