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Gluten Free Group of Arizona Meeting

Event details

The Gluten-Free Group of Arizona meeting will be held on Wednesday,

January 21 at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be held at Chandler Regional

Hospital in the Morrison Building Auditorium. The address is 1875 W.

Frye Road, Chandler, Arizona 85224. This group offers support to adults

and children who avoid wheat and gluten due to celiac disease,

allergies, autism, rheumatoid arthritis and more.

Author, personal trainer and life coach Monique Rider will be talking to

us about "Managing Chronic Illness with Self Care." Participants will

learn how to take their focus off of the illness and create more peace

of mind, balance, and inner strength, plusl learn about self care and

how to use it to manage their illness. Participants will have access to

a complimentary self care assessment, ezine, ebook, and many other


Gluten-free refreshments will be provided by Kinnikinnick Foods.


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