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Event details

The JACKSONVILLE GLUTEN FREE GROUP meeting will be held on 10/16/04 Saturday 10:00 am - 11:30 am.

It will be held at Baptist Medical Center - Downtown

It will be held in Room "B" - Lower Level, (The meeting

may not last the full time but the room is ours if we need it.)

Visitor Parking is in the Palm Avenue Garage. It is marked as "visitor

parking". There is no fee to park here. (To get to room "B" you can enter

the lobby through the ground floor of the garage, walk by the information

desk and go down one level)

Food and Beverages are allowed in the room.

There will be Gluten-Free food samples as door prizes.

If you have questions please email JAXGFG@bellsouth.net

<mailto:JAXGFG@bellsouth.net> .

Meeting schedule for the rest of 2004 is as follows. All meetings will be

held at Baptist Medical Center in Room "B", Lower Level


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