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Topeka Celiac Sprue Support Group

Event details

On Saturday, April 3, the Topeka Celiac Sprue Support Group will be meeting

at 10:30 a.m. in the Pozez Education Center at 1508 SW 8th Street in Topeka,

Kansas (enter on the north side). The meeting will be on the second floor

in the Adams Room. If you want to bring a GT dish, we are sharing pie-a

cake is also fine. You certainly are not required to bring anything-if you

do, bring the recipe please. Just come and share.

We will be discussing the "Camera You Eat." It is a capsule that is

swallowed and is used to diagnosed small bowel pathology and occult

gastrointestinal bleeding. It is now being used in Topeka, Kansas. This

doesn't mean that the doctor's will necessarily be diagnosing Celiac with it

but come learn about it. There will also be support for newly diagnosed

individuals (we have several). AND we will end our meeting with a wonderful

piece of pie or cake.

The meeting will be over at approximately noon to 12:30 p.m. If you have

questions, please e-mail me.

Sharon Larson, President

Topeka Celiac Support Group


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