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Heart Failure and Celiac Disease

This category contains summaries of research articles that deal with heart failure and it's association with celiac disease. Most of the articles are research summaries that include the original source of the summary.

    Mysterious heart disease sheds light on celiac disease. Image: CC--Bill Smith

    Sometimes individual medical cases that initially puzzle doctors can yield new revelations for doctors and patients, and sometimes point to new directions for inquiry. The case of a young woman whose serious heart problems led doctors to discover a that she suffered from celiac disease is just the latest example.

    Photo: CC--theilr

    People with celiac disease are almost twice as likely to have coronary artery disease, and 1.4 times as likely to suffer a stroke, as the general population.

    Image: Banksy. Photo: CC--Eva Blue

    People who suffer from celiac disease with persistent villous atrophy do not face any higher risk of ischemic heart disease or atrial fibrillation, according to a recent study by a research team in Sweden.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons--Ekko

    Using strain and strain rate echocardiography imaging, a research team set out to assess left ventricular function in patients with celiac disease.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons--Van Brussel

    People with celiac disease face double the risk of coronary artery disease compared with the general population, according to research to be presented at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd Annual Scientific Session.

    Image: CC--chiesADIbeinasco

    A team of researchers recently looked at young adults with celiac disease to see what, if any, added risk they may have for developing atherosclerosis.

    Photo: CC--geishaboy500

    Some doctors and nutritionists have expressed concern that a gluten-free diet might increase the risk of cardiovascular problems in patients with celiac disease.

    Photo: CC--Prana

    With regard to celiac disease and cardiovascular disease, there are two conflicting schools of thought. The first suggests that the gluten-free diet might help people with celiac disease to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The second suggest the opposite: that a gluten-free diet may leave people with celiac disease at greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease. What's the right answer?

    Researchers have established a number of inflammatory markers as risk factors for atrial fibrillation (AF), but they know very little about how autoimmune diseases affect AF. A team of researchers recently set out to examine the association between celiac disease and AF in a large cohort of patients with biopsy-verified celiac disease.

    New study on asthma, heart disease and celiac disease.
    Population based studies in Sweden claim that celiacs have increased risk of heart disease and asthma.

    Faced with cases of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy that seemed to coincide with celiac disease, a team of Turkish researchers recently set out to determine if a possible connection exists between the two conditions.

    A recent report by Iranian doctors supports the idea that celiac disease, by means of a heightened immune response in the splenoportal axis, can lead to the development of idiopathic portal hypertension in susceptible affected patients. 12/11/2006 – A retrospective cohort study presented by Gunnar Midhagen with hi 02/26/2003 - The subject of cardiology-related symptoms of celiac disease and celiac d