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Psoriasis and Celiac Disease

This category contains summaries of research articles that deal with psoriasis and it's association with celiac disease. Most of the articles are research summaries that include the original source of the summary.

    Photo: CC - mysiana

    Because a number of past studies examining the connection between celiac disease and psoriasis have had contradictory findings, researchers wanted to get a better idea of the actual risk of psoriasis in patients with biopsy-verified celiac disease.

    New study on psoriasis and celiac. Photo: CC--A4GPA
    Women who regularly drink beer may face higher risk of developing psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder that causes skin rashes and other, according to a new study, though beverages, such as light beer and wine, showed no such elevated risk.

    A recent study examines connections between psoriasis, the liver, and the gastrointestinal tract. The findings emphasize the importance of encouraging psoriasis patients to drastically improve their modifiable cardiovascular and liver risk factors, especially obesity, alcohol and smoking intake, because improvements could have positive impact on both the psoriasis and the patient's general well-being.

    After reading an article in The Economist explaining a the mechanism linking eczma and asthma, I wondered whether this same rationale could apply to psoriasis and gluten sensitivity.

    Br J Dermatol. 2004 Oct;151(4):891-4 11/09/2004 – A study carried out by Irish