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Migraine Headaches and Celiac Disease

This category contains summaries of research articles that deal with migraine headaches and their association with celiac disease. Most of the articles are research summaries that include the original source of the summary.

    Woman with a headache. Image: CC-- Pierre Willemin

    A number of studies have shown than many people with celiac disease, including women and children, have issues with headaches, especially migraines. This also true for people with inflammatory bowel disease.

    Photo: CC--Bored-Now

    People with celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease have higher rates of migraine headaches than their counterparts without those conditions, according to a new study.

    If you have celiac disease or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and also suffer from migraines, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of a growing group of people who suffer migraine headaches along with their celiac disease or inflammatory bowel condition.

    Many people with celiac disease also suffer with terrible migraines. In many instances, these can be reduced by a gluten free diet. However, even with the gluten free diet, many women find they suffer with migraine related to their monthly cycle. This article outlines a few preventative tips that can sometimes reduce or remove menstrual migraine.

    Migraines have been previously tied to classic celiac disease, but have not been well studied in cases of asymptomatic celiac disease. New evidence suggests that children who suffer from migraines face a greater risk of developing celiac disease.

    Am J Gastroenterol. 2003;98:625-629 04/29/2003 – The findings of a recent study p

    Neurology 2001;56:385-388. 02/15/2001 - According to a new study published in the