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Gluten-Free Food Reviews

This category provides unbiased reviews of various gluten-free foods and products that are available in the fast-growing gluten-free marketplace. Most of the food reviews are for products that are available in the United States.

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    Great news for anyone who is not only on a gluten free diet, but Bold Organics Veggie Lovers Pizza is also dairy free and vegan.

    I am not a fan of any flavored gluten free instant oatmeal, but this is Apple Pie instant oatmeal from Bakery On Main is the exception to my rule.

    Who said gluten-free frozen foods never taste good and fresh? When I had my first bite of Amy's Broccoli and Cheddar Bake I could not believe that it was a frozen product.

    I recently discovered Bold Organics gluten and dairy free meat lovers thin crust pizza. There are very few gluten and dairy free pizzas on the market, but I have to say that this was the best that I have tried to this date.

    I just discovered a gluten free Kosher (for Passover) Cookbook that is primarily based for those who follow Ashkenazi traditions.  It has over 90 gluten-free passover recipes and is the first recipe book that I have found to be kosher as well as gluten-free. 

    Traditionally, Matzo (also known as Matzah or Matza) is an unleaved bread that is eaten during the week long Jewish holiday known as Passover; however I just found an amazing gluten free Matzo that I will be sure to have on hand year round.

    I recently tried Jovial Foods' Gluten-Free Organic Brown Rice Penne Rigate Pasta and was looking forward making my Grandmother's baked ziti dish using this penne rigate pasta.  Since I am super sensitive to gluten, I love the fact that Jovial Foods make their pasta in a dedicated gluten free facility and that it is also certified gluten-free.  

    Needing extra protein in your gluten free diet? Then I would highly suggest trying biPro's gluten free unflavored whey protein.

    I was very surprised when I received a care package of Hail Merry's gluten-free blonde macaroons.  I absolutely love coconut and have always had bit of a sweet tooth, but in the past I haven't always had the best of luck with gluten-free macaroons. 

    I had to do a double take when I saw a that JD's Best made a gluten-free microwave or oven baked personal sized pizza!  How in the world can they make a gluten-free microwavable pizza?

    Amy's recently came out with their "Sonoma" Veggie Burger, which is not only gluten free, but soy and dairy free as well. The Sonoma veggie burger is packed with organic whole ingredients so there was a level of comfort knowing exactly what I would be putting into my body.

    SOYJOY's mango coconut gluten free nutrition bar is a tasty treat made from ground whole soy and just the right balance of real coconut and exotic fruits (yet is not too sweet). SOYJOY uses pure wholesome ingredients so you know exactly what is in these bars.

    I was really excited when I received a cooler full of JD's Best Gluten Free Doughnut Holes. I haven't had a doughnut hole since before I went gluten-free.

    I recently tried Amy's new Gluten Free Rice Crust Margherita Pizza. The picture on the box was incising and I was impressed with the list of natural, organic ingredients so I just had to give it a try.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the texture, taste and quality of Bakery On Main's Coconut Cashew truebar. I love coconut, and the gluten-free bar had the perfect amount of real, shredded coconut.

    Adding fiber to your diet is important for a number of reasons, including dieting, lowering blood cholesterol, or managing or preventing diabetes or heart disease.

    I just enjoyed the most amazing gluten free tiramisu since going gluten free 9 years ago! This traditional Italian dessert from GlutenOut is made in Italy, but amazingly it can be delivered right to your door.

    There is a great, not to mention free e-book called, “Beyond Your Gluten Free Diet.” I find the information in this book to be very helpful for anyone who has just been diagnosed as well as to those that have been diagnosed for many years.

    Finding a good gluten free ice cream cone turned out to be a real obstacle for me. Either they held up well, but tasted like cardboard, or they had a good flavor but were extremely brittle.

    With three children, it feels like I am always on the go, so I am always on the lookout for nutritious gluten free snacks that I keep in my car or grab on my way out the door.  However, I've recently grown tired of the typical flavor profile found with most gluten free nutrition bars and really wanted to find one that would also excite my taste buds. 

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