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Gluten-Free American, British/UK Recipes

Gluten-Free American & British Recipes - Please submit your favorite gluten free recipes here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    Pepper and honey make delicious chicken wings. Photo: CC--alpha

    Various ground peppers and honey are the key to these delicious chicken wings. Here's a great recipe for game day or for grill day. These sweet and spicy chicken wings will hit the spot. Various kinds of pepper dance with honey and garlic to deliver this surefire hit.

    Gluten-free and paleo dieters rejoice!  I found a delicious, low-carb, completely grain-free noodle and it tastes amazing with the cheeze sauce recipe that I recommend. I've been playing around in my kitchen and found a really interesting paleo side dish (or even a main!) can be created with kelp noodles. I know you're probably thinking: "Kelp? What?" But hear me out on this one. There's much more to kelp than just being huge plants that grow in the ocean!

    Easy eggs Benedict over hash browns. Yum! Photo: CC--Ruth Hartnup

    Easy hollandaise makes this eggs Benedict over hash browns a gluten-free winner. One of my favorite ways to do eggs Benedict without the bread is to serve it atop hash browns. It's gluten-free, and always a hit. Combine that with this easy trick for hollandaise and you're in business.

    Cover all your romantic dinner bases with steak and lobster. Photo: CC--Jeffreyww

    This recipe for Valentine's Day Surf and Turf is the culinary embodiment of love, and a great way to please both the meat eater and the seafood lover. A good surf and turf can please even the most divergent eaters. Not only is it Valentine's Day coming up, it still lobster season. That means there will be plenty of fresh lobsters on offer at your favorite seafood markets.

    Image: CC--neeta lind

    For Valentine's day, and beyond, nothing says love like juicy steaks. If your Valentine likes beef, then these juicy steaks with amazing vermouth mushrooms are sure to be a huge hit. Juicy filet mignon and vermouth mushrooms make a great Valentine's Day treat.

    Beets and sweet potatoes go great together. Photo: Carissa Rogers.

    Beets and sweet potatoes make a harmonious dinner duo in this delightful seasonal dish.

    Hearty root vegetable await the cook. Photo: CC--Charles Smith

    Here's a recipe that's easy to make, and delivers a tasty bunch of hearty root vegetables.

    Hearty rice dishes are a great fall treat. Photo: CC--Charley

    Here's a hearty, nutritious rice dish that's sure to bring smiles and mutterings of epicurean satisfaction from family and guests. It's pretty versatile, so add or subtract ingredients as you like, just be sure to account for any extra liquid you might need if you add, say, quinoa to the mix. Extra vegetables should not require too much adjustment.

    Bacon, sherry and cream make a great base for Brussels sprouts. Photo: CC--Nick Saltmarsh

    Bacon, sherry and cream offer a tasty way to make Brussels sprouts disappear.

    Paprika chicken makes a great gluten-free entree. Photo: CC--Marsha Maxwell

    Paprika makes a great seasoning for this tasty gluten-free chicken dish.

    Roasted chicken thighs make a great dinner. Photo: Neeta Lind

    Roasted chicken thighs pair beautifully with escarole and white beans to make a tasty dish that's perfect for fall.

    Image: CC--Jason Blue-Smith

    Omega-3 fatty acids are an important part of our diet. These key players help with brain function, are good for your heart, improve cholesterol and provide numerous other benefits. Salmon tastes delicious alone but why not dress it up a tad and enjoy a bit of change? 

    This is hands down one of the easiest and most loved weekend recipes I whip up. Healthy, protein packed, sugar-free, gluten-free, paleo and satisfying. When I have the entire family over they always request this easy sausage and peppers recipe.

    Photo: CC--David K

    Here is the Potato Crusted Quiche Breakfast Casserole that my Significant Other came up with.

    Ground Rice Chex cereal makes a great gluten-free flour for Tilapia filets. Photo: CC--Sebastian Freire
    Crushed Rice Chex cereal makes a great gluten-free flour for these Tilapia filets.

    Barbecued chicken is a warm-weather favorite. Photo: CC--Timothy Vollmer

    Barbecue season is upon us once again, and when I want barbecued chicken, nothing else will do. This recipe makes a sweet, tangy barbecue chicken that will have people smiling.

    Grilled shrimp make a great snack or meal. Photo: CC--Eugene Kim

    Mayonnaise is the key to this recipe, which delivers tasty, tangy, golden grilled shrimp.

    Photo: CC--Carol Baby

    Green peas, gluten-free mustard and rich sour cream help pork chops and potatoes turn corners.

    Almond crust makes a delicious pork tenderloin. Photo: CC--Timothy Vollmer

    This recipe creates a crust of savory herbs and roasted almonds to deliver a memorable pork tenderloin.

    Blackened fish over rice. Photo: CC--Stu Spivack

    This recipe delivers a tasty, flavorful version of blackened fish that pairs well with slow cooked red beans and rice. 

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