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Gluten-Free American, British/UK Recipes

Gluten-Free American & British Recipes - Please submit your favorite gluten free recipes here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    Butterflied cornish hens make a great substitute for chicken or turkey. Photo: CC--ken hawkins

    In this version, Cornish hens are butterflied, then prepared in a sage butter to deliver a savory dinner entree.

    Sweet potato fries are a surefire hit. Photo: CC--Steven Depolo

    Sweet potato fries are always a hit. In the first version, the sweet potatoes are battered in corn starch and fried, in the second version, they are baked. Take your pick. Either way, they will make a delicious hit at your next gathering.

    Grapes or no grapes, Cornish hens make a great holiday dinner. Photo: CC--Emily Carlin

    This recipe uses Cornish hens and white wine to deliver a tasty variation on the great French classic Coq au Vin.

    Sriracha Rooster sauce makes a great steak marinade. Photo: CC--Mike Mozart

    This recipe marinates flank steak in gluten-free beer and Sriracha Rooster sauce.

    Colorful bell peppers, here stuffed with rice. Photo: CC--Global Reactions

    This recipe features quinoa blended with garlic, onion, cumin, diced tomatoes spinach and beans, and stuffed into red bell peppers and roasted for a flavor-packed gluten-free vegetarian delight.

    Delicious mushroom sauce over chicken. Photo: CC--Kim

    This chicken blends creamy mushroom soup, sour cream, sherry and paprika for a risk, yet subtle flavor that is sure to please.

    Grilled garlic shrimp served here over glass noodles. Photo: CC--Dennis Brekke

    Want an easy, sure-fire hit for your next cookout? These grilled garlic shrimp are just the ticket! They are super easy to make and will have your guests coming back for more.

    Buttery, garlicky shrimp await some chives. Photo: CC--David Murray

    Perfect with drinks before dinner, these shrimp are quickly roasted and then paired with Parmesan chive butter for a tasty snack with just the right amount of flair.

    The finished glazed chicken. Photo: JeffreyW

    Want to take a sharp turn at the intersection of Boring and Dinner? Want to move rapidly to a new, more exciting suppertime destination?

    A thick, juicy porterhouse steak. Photo: CC--Aaron Stidwell

    Here's a recipe that will make even the most jaded steak-lover smile. A nice thick, juicy Porterhouse pan seared to perfection and served with herbed Maitre D'Butter.

    Chicken fresh off the grill. Photo: CC: Adams S.

    Chicken is marinated in yogurt, buttermilk and herbs, then grilled outside for a tangy, tender treat that's sure to make a bit hit at your next grill session.

    Photo: CC--Peter Stetson

    What do you get when you cross French toast with a BLT? A savory, decadent culinary hybrid that will delight at brunch.

    Chicken sizzles on the grill. Photo: CC--JeffreyW

    This recipe delivers every time. Make an easy marinade in the food processor or blender. Marinate the chicken overnight, and toss it on the grill to make a winning lunch or dinner entree.

    Photo: CC--JeffreyW

    A good pot roast is a thing of beauty that will delight most any eater, and provide a generous amount of leftovers for days to come.

    Photo: CC--Mike Willis

    This cheesy broccoli casserole is as easy as throwing a few simple ingredients into a baking dish and cooking until heated through.

    Photo: CC--Johan A.

    I can hardly count the number of times I've come across a recipe that calls for condensed cream of mushroom soup. The problem, or course, is that Campbell's, and many other brands contain wheat.

    Photo: CC--Daryn Nakhuda

    What to do with leftover corned beef and cabbage? Why, prepare this amazing gluten-free corned beef hash Benedict that will have your guests smiling.

    Photo: CC--Kristen

    This simple, easy to prepare recipe combines chicken with cream, broth, mustard and a dash of tarragon to deliver a smashing dinner dish that will have your dinner guests smiling.

    This great potato salad recipe was my grandma's. It is perfect for a Summer BBQ, a party, or any other gathering. You can also just make it as a side dish for your favorite dinner.

    The finished scalloped potatoes. Photo: CC--I Believe I Can Fry

    This recipes combines thinly sliced potatoes, Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses and cream with a few herbs and spices to deliver a tasty variation on traditional scalloped potatoes. It will help to fill the house with warmth and delicious aromas on a cold day, and goes great as a side to most diner entrees.

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