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Gluten-Free Chinese & Asian Recipes

Gluten-Free Chinese & Asian Recipes - Please submit your favorite gluten free Asian recipes here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    You can serve yakitori with sauce, or with no sauce, and just salt, as desired. Photo: CC--Wenjie Zhang

    Don't let the foreign sound turn you off. 'Yakotori' is just a Japanese term for grilled chicken on skewers. And what could be more familiar and family friendly than grilled chicken on skewers?

    In Japan, yakitori is commonly eaten as a snack with beer or other alcohol. However, when served with rice and other dishes, it can also form the base of a proper dinner. Yakitori is best cooked on a grill or over coals, but you can also do it in a frying pan. You can serve yakitori with sauce, or with no sauce, and just salt, as desired. They go great with your favorite gluten-free beer.

    Photo: CC--Simon Law

    If you're looking for a quick, nutritious and lean gluten-free dish, then try this recipe for surefire stir-fry. It's easy, delicious and highly versatile. You can make with chicken, pork or beef, as desired. I bet you can use tofu if you like. You can use nuts of choice, or none at all. You can use snap peas instead of green beans. Whatever you do, serve this over rice for a guaranteed dinner winner.

    Image: CC--Lablascovegmenu

    When you or a loved on has celiac disease there is often a plethora of dishes made with rice. Tired of plain old rice in most of your meals? Try cauliflower rice instead! Stir fry is easy and quick to make for company, family meals, dinner or weekly lunches. Use different proteins to change the flavor profile.

    Shrimp and vegetables make a great stir-fry meal. Photo: CC--Mike Mozart

    Want a quick, tasty stir-fry that is almost certain to please? This recipe combines tender, juicy shrimp with sesame oil, spices, vegetables, and teriyaki sauce, to make a delightful gluten-free meal. Shrimp, sesame oil, spices and and vegetables make a great stir-fry meal.

    Easy gluten-free chicken teriyaki. Photo: CC--Isaac Wedin

    Looking for a no hassle, easy to please dinner idea? This baked teriyaki chicken comes together in a snap, and cooks in under an hour. Easy to make and delicious chicken teriyaki.

    Simple, but tasty miso-glazed pork. Photo: CC--Kent Wang

    Spend any time in Japan, and you'll realize the important role of miso in Japanese cuisine. Miso makes a great marinade for fish, pork, chicken and even beef. This recipe uses red miso, sugar, worcestershire and sesame oil to create a simple marinade that works great for pork or chicken, or just about anything else you like.

    If you're looking for gluten-free, low carb and delicious, try this tuna salad. Photo: CC--Gary Denham.

    This Asian-style tuna salad makes a great gluten-free low-carb meal that just happens to be delicious.

    Flat iron steak is cheap, tender and tasty. Photo: CC--Jeffrey W.

    This tasty Asian-style version offers an easy way to impress guests at the next barbecue or potluck. Flat iron steak is tender, cheap and tasty. This tasty Asian-style version offers an easy way to impress guests at the next barbecue or potluck.

    Asian-style barbeque chicken makes a great summer treat. Photo: CC--Brian Child

    This Asian-style barbeque chicken makes a great summer treat. Barbecue chicken is a perennial summer favorite around these parts, and this recipe delivers barbecue chicken with a decidedly Asian flare.

    Glazed salmon makes a tasty dinner treat. Photo: CC--Krista

    If you're looking for and easy yet exotic way to serve fish, look no further than this soy and mirin glazed salmon. It's easy to make and offers a delicious departure from standard fare.

    Korean-style tacos make a great gluten-free snack. Photo: CC--Kyle Nishioka

    Korean-style tacos are a big draw for lots of hungry gastronomes from Los Angeles to New York city. These Korean-style beef tacos are the perfect quick dinner dish to excite your tastebuds any night of the week.

    Miso-glazed black cod awaits tasting. Photo: CC--Stu Spivack

    This Japanese-style miso glazed cod is easy to make, and quite delicious. If you're looking for an easy, tasty way to serve fish is a great way to go.

    Sriracha Rooster sauce makes a delicious spicy peanut sauce. Photo: CC--Cliff Johnson

    Creamy peanut butter and Sri Racha Rooster Sauce come together to deliver a rich, tasty sauce for this simple slow-cook chicken.

    Bok choy and bell peppers await cooking. Photo: CC--Jean L.

    Red, orange, and yellow bell peppers are paired with baby bok choy and green onions in a dash of sesame oil.

    Zucchini cut into spiral noodles. Photo: CC--Tony Webster

    Want a light, healthy gluten-free vegetarian lunch that's tasty and offers a departure from a more standard noodle dish? Try this lovely Asian-style salad made with spiral or long julienne zucchini "noodles."

    Grilled shrimp await hungry diners. Photo: CC--Navin75

    Miso paste, mirin, sake and, wait for it…butter, are the magic ingredients in this delightfully easy, ridiculously tasty shrimp dish.

    Shrimp and eggs is a popular Cantonese dish. Photo: CC--Stu Spivack

    If you've never had an Cantonese-style omelet, then you're in for a treat. This recipe marries shrimp, eggs and oil, yes, oil, to deliver a light, fluffy omelet that will delight your diners.

    Salt and pepper shrimp await. Photo: CC--Sonadei Chea

    A staple at many Chinese restaurants, salt and pepper shrimp are easy to make and sure to delight. This gluten-free version will be a hit.

    Photo: CC--Alpha

    Here's a great twist on standard vegetable stir-fry that will elicit smiles around the dinner table. Serve it with steamed jasmine or white rice, or with our Really Good Chinese-style Fried Rice.

    Photo: CC--Stu Spivack

    These great gluten-free glass noodles with shrimp and vegetables offers an easy break from a boring dinner routine.

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