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Gluten-Free Recipes: Soups, Sauces, Dressings & Chowders

Gluten-Free Recipes: Soups, Sauces, Dressings & Chowders - Please submit your favorite gluten free soup or sauce recipe here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    The finished quinoa salad. Photo CC--Tomatoes and Friends

    Quinoa is actually a seed, but let's not allow taxonomy to come between us and dinner. For our purposes, the fact that quinoa is not a grain may be appropriate, because this salad recipe is not a salad in the traditional sense of lettuces ad vegetables. In fact, this dish is more of a fruit salad with beans and quinoa. Whatever you call it, it's delicious.

    Toasting your quinoa before cooking before cooking enhances the delicately nutty flavor. Rinsing it well removes the bitter outer coating of saponin.

    Gluten-free broccoli cheddar cheese soup is sure to please. Photo: CC--Rooey202

    Need some broccoli cheddar soup? Need it to be gluten-free? Here's a gluten-free copycat of that much-loved broccoli cheddar cheese soup, made famous by the much-loved food chain Panera. You're welcome.

    Roasted beets anchor this easy gluten-free dish. Photo: CC--Kurmann Communications

    Roasted beets make a perfect centerpiece for this easy, tasty, gluten-free vegetarian meal.

    Butternut squash soup beckons hungry eaters. Photo: CC--Maja Dumat

    Traditional butternut squash soup gets some help from cream cheese in this updated classic.

    Roasted beets, carrots and and apples amke a great fall salad. Photo: CC--Biser Todorov

    This salad of roasted beets, carrots and apples is perfect for fall.

    A great salad to wind into fall. Photo: CC--Emily Rader

    Here's a great salad to make while the days are still warm, and tomatoes are still fresh.

    Watermelon awaits slicing. Photo: CC--WayTru

    Various melons combine with avovado and a dash of lime juice for a refreshing treat.

    Perfect hot or cold, this butternut squash soup delivers. Photo: CC--Ruth Hartnup

    Pears freshen up this fall classic and make it perfect for summer or the early days of fall. Served warm or chilled, this soup makes a great focal point of a light dinner.

    Asian-style chicken salad makes a refreshing summer treat. Photo: CC--Fiona Henderson

    Asian-style chicken salad makes a light, refreshing summer treat.  Here's a great recipe for a tasty easy-to-make chicken salad that is also light and refreshing.

    Tri-tip salad makes a tasty gluten-free meal. Photo: CC--Glenn Dettwiler

    In many parts of the country, it's not uncommon to find some meat in your salad. This recipe tops fresh greens with sweet oranges, roasted beets and sliced Tri-tip steak.

    Potato leek with garlic. Photo: CC--Joy

    This recipe adds a dash of garlic to deliver a symphony of rich, flavorful potato leek soup.

    A fresh winter salad makes a great treat. Photo: CC--Netmedianow

    Looking for a great winter salad? This one marries escarole, endive and celery with apple and orange, and blends in some tasty vinaigrette. It's a surefire hit at your next winter potluck.

    Rich curry makes a great base for chicken vegetable soup. Photo: CC--Dollen

    Soup season looms large, and this curry chicken soup will surely foot the bill. Chicken, rice, onions, celery and carrots anchor this delightful soup that gets a tangy zing from the addition of some tart apples.

    The finished vegetable soup. Photo: CC--Yvonne Brettnich

    I love soup, and I especially love a light, fresh tasty summer soup. This recipe for vegetable soup comes together quickly, and makes a perfect anchor to to a light, nutritious summer meal. I like to serve it with cooked brown rice, which I add to the soup.

    Homemade mustard. Photo: CC--Jeffrey W.

    You can thank me for this later, after this delicious homemade mustard has dazzled your hot dogs, souped-up your sausages and generally brightened your culinary life. This recipe makes about 1 cup of mustard that will keep up to a year in your refrigerator.

    Photo: CC--Sarah R.

    Avocado, beans and corn help to turn quinoa into a delicious, nutritious salad that is perfect as a side or as a potluck dish. Add a bit of cilantro, some lemon juice and a few spices, and you have a winner!

    Photo: CC--Mayka

    I've posted recipes for chicken and beef broth lately, and now it's time for what may be the healthiest of all broths, fish broth. Naturally gluten-free fish broth offers a delicious way to promote gut health, and recovery from illness.

    Photo: CC--I Believe I Can Fry

    Homemade chicken bone broth is a great foundation for a healthy diet, and helps to promote gut healing, and overall health.

    Photo: CC--Amber De Grace

    For people with celiac disease or gluten-intolerance, broth can be part of a diet that promotes healing and wellness of the gut, the immune system, the bones and more.

    The finished honey-mustard vinaigrette. Photo: CC--Hamburger Helper

    A good salad dressing is worth its weight in gold. This easy-to-make gluten-free honey mustard vinaigrette is sure to dazzle your guests and please most salad lovers.

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