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Gluten-Free Travel

This category deals with all aspects of traveling on a gluten-free diet. Please share your gluten-free travel experiences here so that they can help others. Just register as an author and begin to submit your stories about hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, and any aspect of your gluten free travels.

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    Image: CC--Pedro Szekely

    Cuba is abundant with music, color, and people. The countryside is a lush, rich green where fields of sugar cane stretch as far as the eye can see. Streets of Havana are filled with hot pink, lemon yellow, candy-apple red, bright blue and green classic cars. Rural streets have horse drawn carts overflowing with harvested sugar cane and the men (almost always men) with machetes from cutting the crops. It is a country of contradictions, where pillars of ancient affluence intersect with rubble as people yack on cell-phones while throwing their fishing lines off the Malecon.

    Photo: CC--Ren Kuo

    Did you know that it's not uncommon for many McDonald's stores in Europe to offer gluten-free buns?

    If you're lucky enough to find yourself in Europe any time soon, here's a quick list of European countries where you can get Gluten-Free McDonald's Buns. Remember, not every McDonald's location offers gluten-free options, so always check first.

    Gluten-free Fish and Chips

    A popular local fish and chip shop in Norwich, UK adds gluten-free menu, doubles in size. Photo: CC--Banalities

    The folks in Norwich, England know a thing or two about fish and chips. So does Lucy's Chips, which has operated a popular stall on Norwich market for the last 40 years.

    So, many people were likely surprised to see Lucy's suddenly double in size. And likely even more were surprised to see Lucy's offer a gluten-free version of their popular fish and chips, each prepared in separate areas.

    Image: CC--diogo86

    I know of many people with celiac disease who dread traveling. They even cringe at eating out in restaurants. One person actually said it on the Web: "I have celiac disease, and I was sick of being poisoned in restaurants, even after asking for gluten-free food."

    Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Image: CC--Nicolas de Camaret

    Holidaying or backpacking in South America might seem daunting for travellers with celiac disease, but eating gluten-free is actually very manageable, providing you're organised and do plenty of research. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of reliable information on the web about eating gluten-free in South America, which is what inspired this article.

    Photo: CC--kansasphoto

    As we all know, traveling with celiac disease can be somewhat challenging. Trying to avoid situations of contamination can be quite difficult, yet we accept this challenge so we can go about a normal routine which in my situation, includes traveling.

    Photo: Scott Adams

    It is possible that Oregon could be one of the gluten-friendliest places on Earth. I had never been there before, but after a road trip to Oregon this summer I will definitely be back.

    This is your beverage. This is your gluten-free pizza. This is your ocean. Any questions?

    Consider the real estate saying about: Location, location, location. Now, ask yourself how far would you go for a good gluten-free pizza?

    Photo: CC--zoetnet

    People that have celiac disease know one of the main concerns is avoiding gluten when they have meals. Their second biggest concern is the possible co-mingling of ingredients that can contaminate otherwise gluten-free food! So how do you eat at restaurants when you have celiac and still have peace of mind?

    In September 2013, I found out that if I want to be healthy, I have to eat a strict gluten-free diet. Not only that, but I also have to avoid corn, casein, beef, chicken, shrimp, garlic, yeast, grapes, cantaloupe, and cauliflower. When I go to a restaurant, my diet restrictions eliminate almost everything on the menu.

    Gluten-Free Camping

    I recently went camping with a good friend of mine and her boyfriend. This was a last minute trip that I knew I was kind of going solo. I have never been camping without a partner or at least a tent mate. So this was the first time I only had to think of me. How cool is that?!

    Photo: CC--megoizzy

    For a celiac traveler from the United States, New Zealand is a pleasure. Gluten awareness is widespread, there are GF food options virtually everywhere you go, and product labeling for allergens and gluten is typical. Because New Zealand is English-speaking, there is no problem communicating GF needs. And, of course, it’s summer there when it’s winter here and it’s beautiful.

    Photo: CC--paulhami

    The website has named Pennsylvania as the most celiac-friendly destination in the world.

    Gluten-Free Dining Out

    Photo: CC - Unique Hotels Group
    Eating out gluten-free is not as easy as it seems.  If you Google "gluten-free restaurants," your bound to find a selection of gluten-free menus and gluten-free yelp reviews.  However, a global definition for gluten-free does not exist in the restaurant world.

    Photo courtesy of Maine Distilleries.
    In order to protect the propriety of their products, distilleries can be reluctant to disclose process details. Yet their disclosure is crucial for those of us who are unable to consume gluten.  Recently, I investigated a potato vodka and gin distillery in Freeport, Maine where this is not the case.

    Gluten-free travel to Disneyland just got easier! Photo: CC--Ross Hawkes
    The folks at Disney are earning major kudos from people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other food allergies. That's because for more than a decade, Disney has worked to provide information and options for guests with food allergies.

    Gluten-free Dining in Newport, RI

    The Brick Alley Pub in Newport, RI
    A list of all the gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in Newport, RI. If you have ever traveled to Newport, RI then you know there are plenty of great restaurants to choose from. But if you have celiac disease or a gluten-intolerance then you know that dining out in an unfamiliar city is very difficult. Luckily, Newport has many gluten-free friendly restaurants that can easily be found if you know about them.

    Gluten-Free Dining in Maui, Hawaii

    Gluten-free travel to Hawaii is possible! Photo: CC-Jordan Emery
    While on vacation to Maui, Hawaii, the author shares her experience of traveling gluten-free while eating at family-friendly restaurants and glimpsing traditional island customs.

    Gluten-Free Travel Tips

    Photo: CC/joisyshowaa
    This is the time of year when families take vacations and travel the world. Traveling can often be stressful even under normal circumstances; packing problems, flight delays, getting lost, are all possible when trying to get from point A to point B. So imagine how stressful it can be for a celiac or gluten-sensitive person to get ready for a big trip, especially to a location that doesn't cater to the gluten-free lifestyle.

    Photo: CC/ lyng883
    My husband and I recently returned from a trip to the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.  What a wonderful experience! The resort itself was beautiful but the people working there made the vacation special. Prior to our arrival, I contacted the General Manager, Jeremy Mutton, advising him of my dietary requirements.

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