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Gluten-Free Travel

This category deals with all aspects of traveling on a gluten-free diet. Please share your gluten-free travel experiences here so that they can help others. Just register as an author and begin to submit your stories about hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, and any aspect of your gluten free travels.

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    Hole-In-The-Wall, The Abacos
    This article summarizes a successful gluten-free trip in the Abacos!

    Gluten-Free Camping

    gluten-free camping (photo courtesy of stevecadman)
    The weather is getting warm and it's almost that time again-time to go camping! Camping is supposed to be relaxing and fun. Most people camp to escape the monotony of the daily rut, and to get back to the basics. Eating gluten-free while camping is really easy, once you know what to bring and what to avoid.

    Gluten-free in Key West Florida

    My hubby and I just returned from a wonderful 5 days in Florida’s Key West, and so I want to write about it  while it is fresh in my memory, for I think my experience may benefit others who are trying to stay gluten-free during a stay there.

    I recently passed a milestone, upon reaching the first anniversary, since my celiac disease diagnosis.  There was no golden coin or award ceremony, but rather a sense of personal accomplishment.

    In general, we noticed an abundance of gluten-free salads, soups, roasted meats and risottos in Rome and in all four towns we passed through along the Amalfi Coast. We found reliable delis and easy access to fresh fruit. When we asked, places that did not have gluten-free pasta showed a willingness to prepare any that you provided.

    Any nourishment from our 10-hour flight from Chicago to Rome had long since faded. However, American Airlines had made good on its promise to provide Jeff with decent gluten-free meals.

    I know how difficult it can be to dine out, even in our neighborhood in San Francisco. What could he possibly find that would be gluten-free in Italy? And, with the language barrier, how would we be able to easily communicate his needs?

    While traveling you might have to dine in a small or moving restaurant. It could be a train, boat or just another small restaurant. Planning ahead to get a copy of their menu is your first step, this way you can sit and take your time to prepare your Chef Daniel P Restaurant Form, and slay the Gluten Monster!

    In response to your comments, I wanted to write more on this topic. Gluten-free menus are good but not great. When going to a restaurant I expect great food and you should to. Learn with me and we will change the world so we can all not fear the Gluten Monster or the limited number of gluten-free menus.

    With three growing boys I haven't been lucky enough to be able to visit other countries. It is my dream to go to restaurants around the world and teach them how to cook gluten-free, and to make gluten-free menus for us that are just as good as the original ones. Here I offer my untested thoughts on how I would travel to other countries and stay gluten-free.

    No matter how much we might dread eating at restaurants, while traveling you have to eat out once in a while to pamper yourself. I am going to give you some pointers on tackling different restaurants and eating out gluten free. Even if the restaurant does have a gluten-free menu, you should be able to have more than only the five items that offer. With my help you are going to kill the "Gluten Monster.".

    When traveling we like to grab a room with the best price, sometimes with breakfast included. Now with my help you can grab more than just fresh fruit and get full like everyone else. Keep the comments coming and together we will get rid of the Gluten Monster!

    Gluten-Free Airline Travel

    Here are some thoughts on how I travel gluten-free on airplanes. Together we will keep the "Gluten Monster" away. I hope this can help you in your travels.

    Preparing for a Gluten-Free Vacation

    We have all had our terrible times at a restaurant. It doesn't matter if it is your local diner or a 5 Star restaurant--it is hard to have somebody make our food if the smallest crumb can make you sick, then ruin your day or week. With a little preparation on your part, you can go on a cruise or dine on food made for a king or queen.

    Gluten-free in the Great Outdoors

    With a positive attitude, smart planning, a few tips and a measure of trust, you can get out and enjoy camping, hiking, biking, boating and picnicking. Here are some suggestions that will variously keep you gluten-free from the local state park to the Grand Canyon and the Alaskan backcountry.

    Food shopping and dining in France, the land of patisserie (pastry) and bread (pain) can be better than "pain-less." This article gives information on gluten-free products and communicating the needs of a celiac traveler.

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