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Celiac Disease Research Projects, Fundraising, Epidemiology, Etc.

This category deals with various proposed and ongoing research projects, including the any fundraising for those projects, and also covers research regarding celiac disease epidemiology.

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    Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo: CC-- Thomas Rousing

    How common is under-diagnosis of celiac disease? A team of researchers recently set out to answer that question by conducting a population-based study of Danish adults.

    University of Washington Cheerleaders. Photo: CC--Charles Nadeau

    Is the University of Washington’s PR team getting ahead of the facts with claims that the university research team is close to developing a cure for celiac disease?

    Photo: CC--Asboluv

    A team of researchers recently set out to investigate and describe racial differences in the prevalence of celiac disease and in people without celiac disease, but who avoid gluten.

    Photo: CC--Tripp

    Even though several new celiac treatment drugs are in Phase 2 trials and results appear promising, discussion around regulatory endpoints is just beginning.

    Photo: CC--Mike Schmid

    Congratulations, shoppers with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivy, you are among the world's best informed and most loyal consumers, according to Paul Valder, President and CEO of the Allergen Control Group.

    Photo: CC--David

    How is better testing impacting higher celiac numbers in Europe?

    Image: Wikimedia Commons--John William Waterhouse

    Market research firm RNRMarketReseach has announced the release of its EpiCast Report on Celiac Disease and Epidemiology Forecast to 2023.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons--ChelseaFunNumberOne

    Will people with celiac disease spend money on drugs designed to reduce or eliminate adverse reactions to gluten? Drug researchers and investors are betting they will.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons--CitrusZest

    Biopharmaceutical company BioLineRx Ltd., has announced successful final results from its Phase 1/2 study for BL-7010, a novel co-polymer for the treatment of celiac disease.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons--National Museum of American History

    An anonymous donor has made a $2 million dollar contribution to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons--Peter Morgan

    At present, the number of reported celiac disease cases in China is extremely low, and celiac disease is considered to be rare in that country. To determine the accuracy of this perspective, a team of researchers recently set out to compile an accurate estimate of rates of celiac disease in China.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons--ARS

    New technology allows researchers to safely examine intestines using nanoparticles. The popular name for these orally administered nanoparticles suspended in liquid is ‘Nanojuice.’

    Image: Wikimedia Commons--arabica-kohler

    Seattle resident and former Starbucks employee Dan Belliveau has has developed a way to mill the cherry pulp waste into a gluten-free, protein-rich flour.

    Italian researchers are claiming a major scientific and potentially commercial breakthrough that could lead to a revolution in the food available to people with celiac disease.

    Image: Wikimedia Commons--Captain Blood

    A team of researchers recently conducted a population-based study to assess incidence and prevalence of celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in the UK over two decades.

    Photo: CC--Wikimedia Commons--skatebiker

    A company is developing a portable gluten test device that would indicate if the food contained any gluten over the FDA standard of 20 ppm or more.

    Photo: CC--Sandy Schultz

    A Swedish research team study of nearly four decades of population-based data shows that rates of celiac disease are rising in most age groups of children.

    Image--Wiki Media Commons

    A team of researchers recently set out to estimate rates of celiac disease in the Indian population, and found them to be much higher than expected.

    Photo: CC--Sandra Rubio

    Over the next few months, ImmusanT is likely to begin reporting data from two separate early-stage clinical trials for NexVax2, a celiac disease vaccine.

    Image: Public Media--BioLineRX

    Drug company BioLineRx has announced trials of BL-7010, a new, non-absorbable, orally available polymer with a high affinity for gliadins, the immunogenic proteins present in gluten that cause celiac disease.

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