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  2. I buy it. I do not use the packet though. Too sweet for me. Save the bone and scraps for soup.
  3. Hi just a quick update - I heard back from General Mills from their European branch ... they said I shouldn’t worry as the European rules are much stricter than in America and offered me vouchers.... they didn’t comment on the fact that thi...
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  5. monica pearson

    Kirkland Brand Gluten Free

    Does anyone know if the Kirkland spiral ham is safe? It says gluten free...even the packet
  6. I have tried Progresso Gluten Free Chicken Corn Chowder with bacon a couple of times. It tasted wonderful going down, but not so wonderful coming up. Full celiac reaction. I'm wondering if their cream soups can be tested?
  7. This is a good reminder that the only save bet is researching products and companies yourself and if you don't trust them don't use them. As much as we want flexibility and freedom, the reality is were getting poisoned slowly by a much...
  8. I pretty much do not drink as I have autoimmune gastritis now. 😥. However, distilled alcohol is gluten free, while brewed (beer) is not. As Rose stated, cross contamination could always occur especially if flavors are added. I used to...
  9. healthysquirrel

    Seizures and celiac

    @posterboy Thanks for the research and links. My magnesium levels are the lowest possible within the normal range. I am really thankful for this information though and will show it to my doctor, I will see a new doctor wednesday who is hopefully...
  10. cyclinglady

    Getting a DX

    You can trial the gluten-free diet (it will not hurt you), or keep working to figure out a diagnosis. White blood cells in the gut can be attributed to many things besides celiac disease. https://www.cureceliacdisease.org/wp-content...
  11. https://www.beyondceliac.org/gluten-free-diet/is-it-gluten-free/liquor/ "Risk of cross contamination" 😓
  12. RoseMG

    Getting a DX

    I had a similar experience. Had one endoscopy on a normal diet which showed increased lymphocytes and no blunting, but tested negative for the TTG and not IgA deficient. However, my deaminated gliadin (see image) was slightly elevated...
  13. I’m sorry, but these articles are not helpful without providing a proper list of companies or restaurants to avoid. It’s really hard to follow this diet already, we don’t need fear mongering articles like this on a CELIAC website. ...
  14. Celiac.com 12/10/2018 - More and more people are eating gluten-free for non-medical reasons. These days, people with celiac disease make up a small percentage of overall gluten-free food sales. However, the effects of eliminating or reducing...
  15. frieze

    Getting a DX

    now it is in your court, push for the rest, or try the diet, very strictly for several months.
  16. Patrisha22

    Getting a DX

    So dr. Got back with me about the labs and all that was said was negative for celiac. No recommendations or nothing.
  17. Any of the articles pointing out that gluten free labeled products might actually contain gluten are not helpful unless they can list the products and brands that were discovered as unsafe. At the very least, please provide readers with...
  18. Anna Lyndal

    Celiac and Neuropathy

    Very interesting! I am not deficient in magnesium but maybe it was do to a neuropathy or ataxia due to gluten as it has calmed down a lot since becoming gluten free. Thanks for the information!
  19. Anna Lyndal

    Celiac and Neuropathy

    Thanks for the information and suggestions! I had an ultrasound on my foot and it was normal and I also had an mri on my spine and another on my brain and both were normal as well. The shaking felt like a muscle spasm in my whole...
  20. ChargersFan, Thanks for your kind words. I have only tried to help others the same way I found help through supplementation and the grace of God. 2 Corinthians 1: 3, 4 3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord...
  21. Hello everyone, Recently diagnosed and wondering if liquors made from wheat (vodka, gin, etc.) bother you all. I don't have symptoms so no idea whether they are safe or not. I have been avoiding alcohol since my diagnosis. I also have...
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  23. Okay that sounds good, but I no longer support Disney after one of its advertising agencies was allowed to make fun of celiac and gluten sensitivity diseases.
  24. The recipe sounds delicious minus the quinoa. I equate quinoa to ingesting a steel wool pad. Then I learned that quinoa contains 'saponin' which is a mild toxin in the gut. It's no wonder that this "canary" has gotten sick every time I...
  25. Guest

    ZYGLUTEN: A Potent Multi-functional Digestive Complex

    Sounds good, thanks for the feedback.
  26. Right, it's not just cancer. Your symptom free days won't last forever. The damage from celiac will add up and cause more and more symptoms. You are at an age where it is important to have good nutrition. Our bodies ability to absorb...
  27. ChargersFan

    Low Ferritin

    Posterboy, Thank you dearly for you invested response. I am very grateful to have found your support. I will take a look at these articles now; love the feeling of being in a new direction towards feeling better! ...
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