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Dermatitis Herpetiformis

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Discussions concerning the skin condition associated with celiac disease.

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  1. Guest Stepha
    Guest jhmom

    What Is This Condition?

    • 1 reply
  2. Skin Problems And Cd

    • 6 replies
  3. Guest pear_fairy

    Make The Itch Go Away Puh-leaseeee!

    • 4 replies

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  5. Guest pear_fairy

    Does It Have To Be An Extreme Rash?

    • 2 replies
  6. Dermatitis Herpetiformis

    • 1 reply
  7. Allergy..

    • 2 replies
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    The Natrel Premium Eggnog, by Agropur, may be rich and creamy (and delicious for me) but it has been setting off my wife's celiac response. I wanted to share this because the product is labeled as "Gluten-Free". Upon further research, their website reads: "Although our facilities are not certified as gluten free, the majority of our products do not contain any ingredients derived from...
    Your results are negative, but know that some celiacs are seronegative.  If you have some of the risk factors for celiac disease (like a family member, another autoimmune disease (autoimmune thyroiditis or Type 1 diabetes) iron deficiency anemia,  etc.)  or you have Gi issues (it could be a FODMAP issue), consult a GI.  There must be a reason why you went gluten free.  You should find the root cause...
    Your celiac results are all negative.  The total IgA is a little high but I’m guessing your doctor will say it’s not anything to worry about. Some labs say that the normal range goes up to 350mg/dL.