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Support & Help

Forums in this area offer support and help to those with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.


  1. Gab/Chat Room

    General chit chat...please keep it light and avoid controversial topics.

  2. Parents, Friends and Loved Ones of Celiacs

    Discussions among parents of kids or babies with CD. Non-celiacs can discuss their experiences dealing with a friend or loved one with the disease.

  3. Meet Up Room

    A Place where all gluten-free people can meet each other--support groups, adults, teenagers, men, women, people who live inside or outside the USA. Everyone is welcome!

  4. Doctors

    Share experiences with doctors, how to find a good one, and avoid the bad ones.

  5. Calendar of Events   (220,498 visits to this link)

    Find a support group meeting or GF expo near you.

  6. Publications & Publicity

    Share stories, news, and articles here. 


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  • Forum Discussions

    My vote is for tryptophan.  Tryptophan has been shown to help Gerd without increasing melatonin. Tryptophan can be transformed into melatonin or into niacin as the body needs.  Tryptophan is water soluble. Any excess your body doesn't need will be excreted. Melatonin independent protective role of l-tryptophan in experimental reflux esophagitis in rats https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.g...
    It's been a little over a month for you, but it can take two years to recover: Keep a food diary for other foods that may be causing you issues, for example main celiacs can't have dairy until their guts are fully healed. 
    Yes - he has a very good diet overall with lots of chicken, fresh veggies and rice/potatoes. We have not ruled out other allergens yet but I am pretty sure his diet is gluten-free based on the nurse reviewing all his current meals with me. Thanks for your feedback.