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2 Weeks Gluten Free And My Stomach Problems Are Worse!

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I'm positive I have a gluten intolerance if not Celiac. I have had problems for the last 12 years. Two years ago I was tested for Celiacs via blood work and it was negative, I turned down the Endoscopy due to cost. At that time I also did the Hydrogen breath test and it was positive and at that time I also went gluten free to try and figure this out. These are my symptoms, psoriasis, anxiety, brain fog, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation ( I go back and forth), GERD, SIBO, yeast infections about 6-8 times per year, and most recently oily, floating stools (sorry TMI!).The oily floating stools have been going on for the last 2 weeks since I have been gluten-free. I'm having diarrhea about 4-5 times a day now which is way more then normal. I'm not as bloated but I'm still pretty gassy. Is it possible my system is trying to clean itself out and heal?? Any ideas. I have a call into my GI to try and get some ideas. Thanks for any help!!

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