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Gluten And Vertigo

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Hi christiana

I have read that nerves in the neck/spine could effect hearing loss. If I am allowed to send a link <http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/menieres-disease/basics/symptoms/CON-20028251>

This and other links at a <www.bing.com>  search discuss the autoimmune possibility. There is a test for antibody presence perhaps in the wikipedia article.

I called the audiologist office today. I was disappointed to learn he does not screen for or treat Miniere's but the receptionist said he will be back in the office on Monday and will  call me back then. He has worked at a children's hospital and with a private practice for seniors and came recommended from two sources here. He is known as an expert for tintinus.

I researched and was surprised that I had never mentioned a lot of things to the Dr because I thought they were not about the hearing. The migraines, the salt connection, nausea recurring so I now have a prescription from the ER for something like orthodantrin, sublingual that shuts the symptoms down fast.  I had a scan in one of the bouts of that, as they wanted to rule out stroke. They found nothing (which is a requirement for considering Meniere's) and said it was a possible mild eschemic something. It has been a couple of years now.

But, my orthorpedic surgeon kidded me, "What's happening? Has your warranty run out?" with the fifth fall, in several years. A broken leg, a trip/swollen ankle, pinched fingers, double fracture of the forearm, and a rotator cuff tear. The last three since April 2014. I have avoided surgery. My primary doctor shook his head, "I will say it again, I don't see how you did not have to have surgery on that arm." My young physio therapist asked me to not drive in rain or bad weather. She has seen it happen too often that patients will get cut off in traffic thru someone else's error and raise the injured arm to defend themselves. She did not want me to re-injur. So, I am home more than ever in my life. But the rotator cuff was a fall at the bottom of my stairs at home. I just sort of spaced-out, a little dizzy and fell back onto my elbow.  But, good thing I was not driving. . .

The tear may be connected to an inflammed collar bone 'condritis-something' connected to inflammation in the chest cavity, trying to recover from a terrible thing from a supposed naturopath that was actually teaching a student, against my protests. I almost did not go that day. I was only supposed to get a prescription refill. I had a funny feeling not to go. I should have listened to that. Big time. God does His best, but what to do if I don't listen! That was before these last three bad things. I think that threw off my balance, also. Perhaps for another subject forum :)

So, as much as I do not like to go to doctors, and for me, often the less treatment the better, it is good to connect the dots for myself and be aware and informed / then I can say what I need to when/if the time comes. I don't want extreme measures or anything invasive or unneccessarily expensive. I need to learn all I can about management. And, thank Goodness,
 there is no pain or the swirling others are dealing with.

Do you like the actor that played Hercules? He wrote a book. He felt he should remind his chiropractor not to snap his neck. But ignored the thought, as he had told him not to do that before. He thought it again, but again dismissed the thought. Well, the book tells it better. You might want to look it up. He was in a good new movie last year. Kevin Sorbo.

Best wishes, all. Thank you, ;) 




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On 4/15/2016 at 7:59 AM, Anne said:

I have read that nerves in the neck/spine could effect hearing loss. If I am allowed to send a link <http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/menieres-disease/basics/symptoms/CON-20028251>

Hi Anne

I am sorry - I have only just read your post of nearly a week ago.

You certainly sound as if you have been through the wars.  A rotator cuff tear is supposed to be very painful.  I wonder if the doctor was referring to costochondritis.  

I think that is interesting what you are saying about nerves in the neck/spine.  I find when I am typing a lot, or have my shoulders hunched, I get a feeling of fullness in my right ear and it triggers off the rumbling noise (tinnitus) that I have.   My neck is in a bad way and the same actions can make the tingling in my cheek worse, so thanks for the tip.

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I just felt to look at the site. I thought I had clicked to get email alerts. But, actually my email has been

'fritzing' sort of.  Thank you for your note. It is important for my diagnosis. I was diagnosed with chondritis

of the collar bone a few months before the fall that resulted in the immobile right arm. The osteo surgeon

gave me a cortosol shot that helped a lot. That MRI showed a rotator cuff tear nearly 2/3 thru the strip of tissue that connects the muscle tissue to the bone and makes the shoulder 'rotate' in place.  That was almost a year ago now. I have been learning to be very very mindful about how I use that arm, when I reach, carefully, how I rest it and sleep position. Interesting that I did see a search answer that said ' they are saying now that there could be a connection btn rotator cuff tear and inflammed collar bone. My primary doctor also said I could have an inflammed chest wall that resulted in the chondritis. I remembered that word from a child's diagnosis years ago. That was in his knees and was treated by this same osteo surgeon, by casting the legs over summer holiday, which ended in healed x-rays. That was osteo chondritis desicans. He said then, 'if it is horses, we would have to shoot them.'  I tried to get a blood test three weeks ago for the same antibody we were treating that child with thru his then pediatritian, for rheumatoid antibodies/ recurring strep throat. I had gotten a 'sort of' diagnosis, or agreement from that primary care doctor, allowing me to get the recommended antibiotics (one of the few treatments that it is allowed, because of the need to keep the hearing). But, his new nurse did not relay the request properly. I hate doctor office politics. I hope this newbie is not going to mess with this doctor's little family as well. Last month when researching Meniere's one of the things listed about it was that autoimmune disease is connected to it also. I was hurt before the falls and the inflammation and the collar bone chondritis and the rotator cuff tear. I was very very concerned about it setting off some kind of autoimmune inflammation reaction or worse that can happen when tissue cells are being repaired rapidly and it felt like lots of toxins were being cleansed and processed over a period of many months. The only similar feeling I have ever experienced was when I had a 'deep tissue massage' to release and cleanse a cortisol 'hump' I had after a prolonged period of high family stress situation. Right now, my primary (an O.D. , or osteopath) is working with me. There are two ENTs in this area he offered for Meniere's and has given me Physical Therapy at his complex for Balance Therapy.

It is great that that therapist has a MIL that is also dealing with Meniere's and getting exercises from a major hospital complex in the city. I was able to give her some celiac's diagnosis information. Sounded like her MIL and her son were likely to be candidates. 

I did not know what the definition was of the term 'vestibular' as in vestibular migraine, another connection to Meniere's. I just typed www.bing.com and then typed 'definition of vestibular.' That had information about the connections btn hearing and sitting positions.

I will look up costochondritis. Thank you, again.

Best wishes, Anne

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Before I found out I was celiac,  I was sent to many different doctors and went through a barrage of tests for allergies,  spinal issues,  brain issues, thyroid menieres, etc.  Everything came back normal and no one could tell me what was going on except the occasional scare from a doctor guessing it might be this or that.  I went to e.r several times for severe dizziness,  shaking,  chills, blurred vision, tinnitus,  joint swelling and heart palpitations.  I was told I was having anxiety and sent home.  I rooted top explain that the anxiety was occurring due to these other symptoms but no one listened. 

5 years ago by simple luck I was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist with celiac. Finally.  The gluten free diet made a huge difference.  I can tell immediately if I am poisoned because the first symptom is dizziness.  When I told a doctor that he told me I was crazy because that's not a textbook symptom of celiac.  But it clearly is.  In a glutened state,  the body reacts in many ways.  This is a type of allergic reaction and because your bodies defenses are down in regard to that it can cause any number of symptoms and some severe problems if left untreated.  

Celiac is also an autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorders affect the entire body and one can be linked to or cause another.  So celiac,  thyroid problems, arthritis,  lupus, ms, diabetes, and such are commonly linked together.  These are definitely systemic diseases. 

This group is a wonderful way too confirm that we are not crazy or imagining things and we certainly are not alone.  

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