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Swelling In Right Side Of Abdomen

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About ten years ago I developed an ache and dull pressure in the right side of my abdomen after taking probiotics for a couple of weeks.  It was accompanied by cholestasis-clay colored stools.  I lived with it and about six years ago finally got a CT scan, which only showed mild gallbladder inflammation.  About four years ago I went on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet four two months, and within that time I stopped getting the ache and the cholestasis cleared up, only to return slightly within the last year after going back to a bad diet which included wheat (I'm gluten intolerant) and occasional dairy (I'm also casein and whey intolerant).  Although it had returned slightly, it wasn't anything alarming and I just shrugged it off.  Two weeks ago I had a large bowl of white rice and black eyed peas, and my right side began aching badly to the point that I could feel it somewhat in my back, along with increased cholestasis.  It was only rice and peas, no butter or any additional fat.  This began a pattern that I can't seem to figure out.  It seems that most starch, possibly all grains, are causing my right side to feel swollen and bloated.  Sometimes I can feel it all the way down around the inside of my right hip bone.  I seem to be okay with potatoes and sweet potatoes for the most part, although sweet potatoes do give me diarrhea sometimes.  For the past few days I've been trying to do the GAPS diet, but I can't tolerate the broth so I'm having to skip that part and just eat meat.  Animal fat doesn't seem to cause the abdominal swelling, although last night it seemed that a pork country rib did cause it.  All the meat I'm eating does seem to be making feel unwell though, as if my body is rejecting it.  Another problem I have is that I can't tolerate probiotics or fermented foods.   It seems that I'm in a catch 22; eat starch and I get the abdominal swelling, or eat mostly meat and feel terrible all day long.  Fruit doesn't seem to cause swelling, but I'm hypoglycemic and can't eat too much of it in one day, which is also the reason I can't live on potatoes and sweet potatoes.


Have any of you had an experience like this?  Can any of you offer any suggestions?  Thanks.

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I urge you to immediately have your gall bladder checked especially since it showed inflammation in the past. And that was a considerably long time ago. I am not trying to alarm or scare you but a possibly inflammed gall bladder with stones in it could perforate on you causing big and I mean big problems for you.

I would like to tell you something else which I assure you is true. Last month I heard the ambulance with all its sirens going off next door at my neighbors house. It woke me up and since I am friendly with these neighbors I got out of bed and stayed watching out the window to see what was wrong. Anyway, he later told me that he woke up sudddenly with abdominal pain and the cause ended up being an inflammed gall bladder with stones. They operated immediately on him and the doctor told him it was a good thing he didn't wait any longer before calling an ambulance because the gall bladder was so inflammed it would very likely soon have perforated.

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