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After hearing so many talk about how Rice Chex bother them (as they do me), I finally wrote to the company. They do indeed contain corn. So those of us with corn intolerances had best stay away from them. Here is what they said:


Dear Ms. XXXX:



Thank you for contacting us concerning Rice Chex cereal. We appreciate the opportunity to address this matter.

The Mixed Tocopherols ingredient contains a corn ingredient.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.





Amanda Peach
Consumer Services



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I could not tolerate Rice Chex but came to know that it is because of corn. Initially, I did not have knowledge of all the many corn derivatives.

I also could not even tolerate honey and then found out they feed bees corn syrup often in winter months and it is present in the honey so I now use sugar or agave nectar. A lot of problems for me because derivatives of corn are in just about everything. There is a list of corn derivatives at www.livecornfree.com and you can click on a red link saying ingredients to avoid for an extensive list of them.

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