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A List Of gluten-free Restaurants - Unconfirmed/confirmed.

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Hi Kareng - I'm confused - the link goes to a page that says only the tortillas have wheat and gluten.

Am I reading it wrong?

Right. And the guacamole is gluten-free, too. Someone was saying it had gluten. According to their website, it is gluten-free.


It looks like you are saying the guac was gluten-free but maybe you were just repeating another poster? 

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I have eaten at many different UNO's with great experiences.  My local UNO's is very educated.  I've been to others where the server may not be the expert but they always call over the manager who puts me at ease. 


Carrabba's is excellent as well. They have a separate gluten-free menu with many of their regular dishes on it.  They are also very educated and make me feel comfortable and welcome.

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I am eating at Texas Roadhouse on Sunday for a work thing.  I love Texas Roadhouse, but sadly, it looks like it will be my last time there.  I have to be officially gluten-free next week so I have one more shot but I was looking on their website to find a gluten-free menu and found this :




Basically they said since it's too hard for them to keep the kitchen gluten-free, they are no longer offering gluten-free foods...

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Chipotle: Most of their food is gluten-free.  Get the bowl- obviously.  Oddly the guac is not gluten-free


Really? I thought the flour tortillas were the only thing not gluten-free at chipotle. Is that new?

Guac is gluten free at my Chipotle.  I eat there all the time.  

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Ted's Montana Grill (with bison burgers) has a good sized gluten free menu. I have not eaten there since my Dx, but I did eat there once with a group and 1 person in the group has celiac and said she NEVER had a problem there. (And the manager came out and knew her name like an old friend, so I tend to believe that one.)

If anyone is I ever in Rome, GA around lunch time (11am-3pm) Jamwich on Broad Street is locally owned and operated and has gluten free bread that I had to ask a couple times "this bread is gluten free, right?" Because it tasted like regular folk's bread. It was freaking amazing!! And the cashier listed off the gluten free sides automatically when asking what side I wanted (showing they know the gluten free world). They are set up kinda like Panera Bread (which at this time has no gluten free options), but are much more laid back.

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Beau Jo's pizza -Colorado & S Dakota

Minksy's pizza - Kansas City

Waldo pizza -KC


Vinnys in Frisco Colorado   http://vinnysfriscorestaurant.com/location/

I absolutely concur with Minsky's they have the best gluten-free pizza I've tried so far! Planet sub is supposed to have gluten-free bread for their subs, along with; 

* Red Snapper -  they have at least two noodle dishes that can be made gluten free. The pad thai for sure with rice noodle, and also there is one called House Shrimp Noodle. That noodle is made from a bean vs wheat.

* BEER KITCHEN  (they have gluten-free buns)
* The Foundry - they HAVE gluten-free stuff - but service is awful & they have screwed up my order so many times or been out of the gluten-free Stuff, so it's a gamble - might as well just do Beer Kitchen.  they have a thin crust gluten-free pizza crust. But sometimes are out of it.
* McCoys - again same owners as the other two places.  and very similar menu.  They have buns.  so if you see a sammy you like , you are in business.
* Waldo Pizza -  They have an entire gluten-free menu that includes sandwiches, pizza, breadsticks 
* BRGR (PV one is better about gluten-free stuff than the downtown one)
* Unforked -- they have gluten-free Buns and gluten-free corn tortillas
* 715 (lawrence) -- they make their own gluten-free pasta in house
* Succotash -- they have gluten-free pancakes
* Louie's Wine Dive also has some gluten-free options (No bread that i am aware of -but they do have pasta)
* The Jacobson - they have a lasagna that is gluten-free. 
* Red Robin - yep they do have gluten-free. I feel like the fries may not have been safe though
* recordBar - they have gluten-free pizza crust.  But I think they just buy it frozen & the brand could vary each time you go.
* Cafe Gratitude & FUD -- they are vegan and super gluten-free friendly.  The "bread" you will probably not like - it's not traditional bread. 
 But at FUD, you can get some gluten-free pancakes I believe.  Just don't go at prime busy time, or you will want to murder someone.
*t.Loft - The entire kitchen is Gluten Free
(This list was sent to me by a friend, and they are all located in the Kansas City Metro)

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My daughter was just recently diagnosed w celiacs disease. Being new to this way of life , we are extremely paranoid about going out due to cross contamination. I am overjoyed to announce we found a completely gluten-free restaraunt in yorba linda, ca. Oceans &Earth off of yorba linda blvd&village center dr. Awesome food&staff&my daughter was able to dine stress free & actually feel "normal". A great experience with fine dining, full bar & "celiac safe", so no fear of cross contamination! We plan on making it our weekend hang out! Highly recommend it!

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