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Help, What Am I Reacting To?

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I am hoping some of you can help me understand what I am reacting to. I have been having mild reactions on and off after in the last two weeks. I get the usual migraine and feel very sleepy and foggy. I have been trying to identify the culprit but I no luck so far. I get these reactions after eating breakfast and figured it has to be one or several of theses:


Justin's almond butter

Bob's Red Mill flax seed

Bob's Red Mill chia seeds

Let's do Organic shredded coconut

Larabar Jocalat hazelnut


I stopped eating the Jocalat bars thinking it was that, but I kept having reactions. I am confused because  I have been able to have the other ingredients with no problem on other occasions in the past.


I react to gluten, corn and dairy. I feel like this is more of a corn reaction but I am not sure. 


Any ideas?


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Remove all possible offenders for a few weeks. Add each one back one at a time. Watch what happens.


That's what I was going to say.  That works best for me.  You can drive yourself crazy trying to compare your reactions to the reactions of others.  This takes diligence but works.

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Thank you both for your advice. I just wanted to post an update. I found out that I react to some of Bob's Red Mill gluten free flours. I'm thinking gluten or corn cross-contamination. I react strongly to corn, so that might be it. Now I need to find a safer brand, or make my own...

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